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🇮🇹 ITALIANBEAUTY TRICKS Ciao bella! In the series of beauty tips from around th…

Ciao bella!
In the series of beauty tips from around the 🌎, we arrive in Italy.
Italian women are so gorgeous & if there’s anything I’ve learned while researching their routines, is that they DON’T Follow Trends. In fact, they stick to ways that have been tried & true for generations.

P.S. UGH! Can we please ignore the wet-dog hairstyle! Trying to experiment and Not going well so far 😅. .

Credit @alexandrapotora

TIP no. 1:

Got a pimple? Put fresh garlic on it.
At first that may sound weird, but they’re onto something here! The amazing antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties in garlic REALLY help cut down pimple size & lifetime.


TIP no. 2:

Olive oil.

Italians are obsessed with olive oil. They cook with it, they put it on their salads and… their face, body, hair, nails & baths too.

Olive oil is an amazing moisturizer & hair conditioner. It’s also RICH in antioxidants that fight the signs of aging. My mom has been putting olive oil on her face since I was a little girl & seriously, Nobody thinks she’s 66.

1 thing to keep in mind though, is that the oleic acid in olive oil is fantastic for dry skin, not necessarily oily and/or acne skin.
If you tend to break out easily, I recommend sticking to using it only on hair ends, baths & dry areas of the body, like heels & elbows. 🆃 🅰🅶🌟🅰 🅵🆁🅸🅴🅽🅳 who would love to know this too!


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