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The Best Time to Visit Vietnam

The Best Time to Visit Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most wonderful countries in Southeast Asia.

The country attracts a lot of tourists due to the destinations and the food, which are so amazing and delicious. Furthermore, Vietnam is also quite a cheap and easy country to explore. Therefore, many tourists choose Vietnam for their first SouthEast Asia  trip or backpacking trip.

However, besides necessary things to know about the country, Vietnam has unique weather, so you should learn more about the best time to travel to Vietnam.


Weather in South Vietnam

Although Vietnam has 4 seasons including spring, summer, autumn and winter, the south of Vietnam is divided into 2 seasons, consisting of the rainy and dry season only. The length of the dry season is from December to June. The weather is dry, with clear and blue skies. From January to March, there aren’t many showers. Therefore, if you want to spend a relaxing time in a beach resort in Vietnam, it is the ideal time for you. You can visit Dalat during that time because it is quite cool. The temperature does not change much in the south. It is always hot in the lowlands, comfortable and cool in the highlands of South Vietnam. The hottest time of year is between March and May. The visitors from colder countries welcome the hot climate, but for locals it is a kind of torturous weather. Therefore, when the rainy season begins in May and June, most people appreciate the impact of cooler air.

From September to December is the cold time, so you can spend time in the south to enjoy Christmas Day or Tet holiday in Vietnam.


Weather in North Vietnam

The weather in the north is known for 4 seasons during the year. Therefore, if you want to admire the snow in Vietnam, Sapa is the ideal destination for you. Furthermore, autumn in Hanoi is beautiful. You can enjoy the cool weather and beautiful views at the same time.


In general, Spring is considered the best time of the year in north Vietnam. The region is steeped in thousands of tropical flowers. Spring time in Hanoi is often wet and the humidity is low before the monsoon arrives in May. Therefore, you should bring an umbrella and admire the flowers blooming thousands at a time. Furthermore, if you visit Vietnam in spring, you will have a chance to enjoy the Tet holiday which is the biggest holiday in Vietnam for tourists. Therefore, you can book a tour or join the holiday for Vietnamese people. This is the best time to learn more about the culture and history of Vietnam. In addition, all cities in Vietnam will be decorated with colorful flowers.



Summer time in the north is hot and humid. Nothing special to expect, because the earth is heating up causing all kinds of high temperatures.  Bring an umbrella or a rain coat in case. It is the best time for enjoying the wonderful and stunning beaches in the north. You can tour Halong Bay where you can book a cruise tour to admire the beauty of Halong Bay at night and enjoy delicious and fresh seafood.



Fall in northern Vietnam is considered the most romantic period of the year. The rain and the temperature are regulated, the leaves change color and you can experience beautiful and cold air. Therefore, you should spend time visiting the north during this time.



Temperatures in Hanoi could be down to 10 ° C, with humidity, it becomes quite cold. Winter in Vietnam is very attractive to tourists when people gather around a small fire; enjoy a cup of hot tea and delicious, street food.

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