top Instagrams from February 2018 – Lonely Planet blog

top Instagrams from February 2018 – Lonely Planet blog

There is barely a rolling vista or bustling cityscape that our Pathfinders didn’t manage to picture in February, snapping everything from cobbled city backstreets to mountain monasteries. Beautifully framed and expertly shot, here are the Instagrams that gave us severe wanderlust last month.

Riga, Latvia

‘Dusk in Riga’s old town is a special time, because of the warm yellow light used on the streets and in the office buildings to brighten up the gloomy, Nordic atmosphere. This yellow light somehow adds a bit of magic to everything it touches. I saw a woman walk down one of Riga’s tiny, cobble-stoned streets and for a moment, I became a child again in a Scandinavian fairytale I used to read at bedtime.’ – Yulia, @insearchofperfect

Why we like it: Yulia’s expert perspective in this shot really showcases the character of Riga‘s narrow backstreets and patchwork architecture, set off wonderfully by the technicolor umbrella forming the central focus. What we love most about this image however, is how those strings of streetlights glow, leading the eye from top to bottom in one sparkling swoop. 

Bagan, Myanmar

‘On top of the Pyathada Pagoda you can watch the balloons floating right over your head, and it feels almost like you are in a balloon yourself. This experience doesn’t only draw the tourists – this monk can’t resist capturing the beautiful scene for himself.’ – Christian, @picturesqueplanet_

Why we like it: It’s pretty hard to take a bad photo of Myanmar‘s ancient Bagan temples, but Christian’s image is more than a simple landscape shot. The hot air balloons are perfectly positioned in the sky, acting as a dreamy backdrop to the central temple, and the vibrant oranges of the foreground monk balance out the terracotta hues behind. The fact that said monk is also taking a picture, but from an alternative angle, adds a whole extra dimension and sense of space to the image.

Ifugao, Philippines

‘On our second day of trekking in the rice fields and mountains of Banaue, we were treated to an incredible view of Batad. We had just finished hiking up over 1000 steps in the blistering heat, but instantly forgot all of our troubles as soon as we got to the top, as we were blessed with one of the most incredible viewpoints I have had the privilege of reaching. My legs are still sore from the 40km hike spanning two days, but I would do it again in a heartbeat just for a glimpse of this view.’ – Mark, @pr4w

Why we like it: What’s not to like? The sun streaming in from the corner of this image adds a beautiful colour gradation, from bleached tones at the top to deep, mossy greens at the bottom. The off-centre figure isn’t immediately obvious as he blends into the landscape, but once noticed, adds a great sense of perspective when set against the layers and undulations of the rice paddies below. This is one of those images that has you at hello! 

Istanbul, Turkey


‘A bridge between east and west, Istanbul is home to 15 million people. If your eyes are open, you’ll see magic and beauty at every step. Guaranteed!’ – Inma, @aworldtotravel

Why we like it: Inma’s image is full of movement and power; crossing continents, crossing from east to west and literally making waves. The hazy skyline, sunset hues and perfectly positioned seagull mid-flight add a beautiful, dreamlike quality to the frame.

Catalonia, Spain

‘This wasn’t our first time in Barcelona, but we decided to try and explore more of Catalonia. We took a quick day trip to Montserrat, only about an hour out of the city, and this is what you’re rewarded with. There are hiking trails all around, a monastery in the sky surrounded by mountains, and a place where you can hear an angelic and world-renowned choir as an undeserved bonus. Along the strip leading to the monastery are a group of local merchants selling nougat and cheese amongst other delicious snacks. The must-try is a combo of a light, white cheese with honey.’ – Deborah, @dfindles

Why we like it: In this shot Deborah manages to capture the breathtaking Monestir de Montserrat, perched on its mountainous stage, just as the clouds begin to clear. Expertly framed by silvery foliage in the foreground and partially concealed by wispy cloud trails, this image really showcases the magic of the monastery in the sky.

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