Ten Hotels to Visit at Least Once Before You Die

Ten Hotels to Visit at Least Once Before You Die

It is bliss to travel across the globe and unravel the mysteries scattered throughout the unknown world.

With modernization, there have been significant changes in the perspective towards traveling. One of the most important aspects of traveling these days is the hotel, your temporary abode that should etch a permanent mark in your life.

May it be business trips or vacations, plan to add these hotels to your bucket list while planning your trip to the respective cities.


Follow This List of Stunning Hotels to Live Your Dreams

1) Manta Resort in Tanzania

Did you ever fantasize about living the life of mermaids under water? If you ever did, this must be your destination. This amazing resort anchors your accommodations off the shores. Wake up every morning and stare out of your window just to be stared back by a school of fish. Make sure to visit this resort located in Pemba island of Tanzania to live your childhood dream.


2) The TreeHotel of Sweden

This is another one from your childhood bucket list. You must have always wondered how amazing it would be to live in a treehouse. Make your dream come true with this innovative hotel which has specific names for its rooms- UFO, Mirrorcube, Blue Cone, Dragonfly, Cabin and Tree Sauna. You can imagine what your rooms will look like from the names. So enjoy your stay in the silence of Swedish Forest in the treehouse of your dreams.


3) Emirates Palace of Abu Dhabi  

This indeed is a seven-star palace! Indulge in the absolute royal luxury in this gorgeous palace. Needless to say, this is going to pinch your pocket real hard for being the second most expensive hotel in the world.


4) Taj Lake Palace, India

This amazing palace stands centrally on four acres of Lake Pichola.  If you are newly-wed or want to spend a romantic vacation with your partner, this palace which is voted to be the most romantic hotel across the globe is the ideal choice. The royalty of the palace dates back to the times of MaharanaJagat Singh II who used this palace for his summer abode. So make your dream of going to an actual palace come true with a visit to this gorgeous hotel.


5) Hotel La Claustra in Switzerland

Ever wished to go underground to escape the hustle and bustle of your daily life? Make your wish come true with this hotel built beneath the level of Gotthard Mountain Pass. The seventeen rooms are available only between the months of May and October as it gets very cold during winter.


6) Hotel Ubud Hanging Gardens in Indonesia

If you are planning a trip to Bali, make it a point to book a room in this hotel to enjoy the enchanting natural beauty to a greater extent. The hotel is built on the gorge of the River Ayung. This beautiful property lets you comfortably access all the famous tourist attractions like Satung, Dalemsegaraand Jaang. Head back home with incredible memories of the Batur volcano, rice fields and the naturally built bamboo bridge.


7) Little Mombo Camp in Okavango Delta, Botswana

You might like watching the lions and tigers on TV while having your meal. What if you get to see lions and zebras in real while having your breakfast?  This hotel in Botswana, located in southern Africa boasts of outdoor pools. Stay in the luxury tents and watch the wildlife from your windows.


8) Weird Hotel in Sasebo, Japan

Ever wondered what it feels like to interact with robots in real life? Well, almost all the staffs of this cost effective resort are robots. You will be greeted by a humanoid speaking in Japanese and a robotic dinosaur speaking in English during your check in. Your luggage will be carried to your room by bell hop bots. Computerised concierges are available in every suite to inform you about restaurants and events in the vicinity.


9) Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

Make your dream of living in an igloo come true with the log cabins and glass igloos offered by this resort. Indulge in the beauty of winter with a breathtaking view of the auroras and the frozen forests while staying comfortable warm inside your lovely igloo.


10) Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Last but not least, perhaps it is a dream of many people to spend some time in the tallest hotel in the world sitting on a man-made private island with a private bridge connecting it to the mainland. The tower looking like the sail of a ship ranks, twelfth in the list of most expensive suites in the world.

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