Magical Europe – Time-lapse Video

Magical Europe – Time-lapse Video

This amazing time-lapse video of Europe is Stan Chang’s follow up to his first time-lapse video. If you haven’t seen his first video you have to check it out here.

Hi, I’m from Taiwan. I’m glad to share our second time-lapse photography collection of 96 clips which covers 30 European countries that we visited during our wonderful 2011 to 2014 journey. Please enjoy and feel free to share.

While organizing and editing these photos and videos the memory of our life and travels in Europe just kept popping up my mind. It was truly a wonderful and unforgettable time. Interwoven throughout the memories of those three years of travel are the even more precious memories of our older son as we watched him grow from month six to age three.

And now both of our children are so excited and amazed when they watch the completed film. I believe that it is really an unbelievable experience for them; for my older son who lived it and still remembers, and for my younger daughter who has joined us in the journey.

Magical Europe Volume Two from StanChang on Vimeo.



Equipment used: Nikon D800E, Nikon D600

Professional Total Camera Moving Solution: Konova (

LRTimelapse (

Music with permission: ‘Island of Promises’ by Van Syla

If you would like to license any of these clips or images, please contact Stan Chang at

Available in 4K~8K resolution.

The 96 clip locations are list below:

00:01 Isle of skye, Scotland, UK

00:10 Dolomit, Italy

00:16 Obersee, Germany

00:20 Grindelwald, Switzerland

00:23 Matterhorn, Switzerland

00:27 Neuschwanstein, Germany

00:30 Eze, France

00:34 Grindelwald, Switzerland

00:37 Iceland

00:41 Dunnottar, Scotland, UK

00:44 Iceland

00:48 St. Wolfgang, Austria

00:51 Iceland

00:55 Gelmersee, Switzerland

00:59 Mykonos, Greece

01:02 Mykonos, Greece

01:04 Neum, Bosnia

01:06 Lake Bled, Slovenia

01:09 Bled, Slovenia

01:13 Provence, France

01:20 Iceland

01:27 Lake District, UK

01:34 Eibsee, Germany

01:41 Oia, Santorini, Greece

01:48 Mykonos, Greece

01:51 Chiemsee, Germany

01:55 San Marino

01:58 Scotland, UK

02:02 Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

02:06 Cappadocia, Turkey

02:09 Fira, Santorini, Greece

02:16 Procida, Italy

02:20 Dubrovnik, Croatia

02:21 Dublin, Ireland

02:23 Athens, Greece

02:25 Zaandam, Nederland

02:27 Vaduz, Liechtenstein

02:28 Brussels, Belgium

02:30 Kotor, Montenegro

02:32 Dubrovnik, Croatia

02:34 Keukenhof, Nederland

02:35 Provence, France

02:37 Hallstatt, Austria

02:41 Procida, Italy

02:44 Valletta, Malta

02:48 Caernarfon, Wales, UK

02:51 Scotland, UK

02:59 Azure Window, Malta

03:06 Cappadocia, Turkey

03:13 Iceland

03:16 Iceland

03:20 Kotor, Montenegro

03:23 Zermatt, Switzerland

03:25 Munich, Germany

03:27 Gordes, France

03:30 Nice, France

03:34 Cappadocia, Turkey

03:37 Cappadocia, Turkey

03:41 Lofoten Islands, Norway

03:43 Renie, Lofoten, Norway

03:44 Stockholm, Sweden

03:46 St Petersburg, Russia

03:48 Istanbul, Turkey

03:51 Monaco, Monte-Carlo

03:55 Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

03:58 Cologne, Germany

04:00 Florence, Italy

04:02 Wien, Austria

04:05 Wurzburg, Germany

04:09 Czesky Krumlov, Czech

04:12 Lisbon, Portugal

04:14 Budapest, Hungary

04:16 London, UK

04:20 Paris, France

04:23 Fira, Santorini, Greece

04:26 Tallinn, Estonia

04:28 Wien, Austria

04:30 London, UK

04:34 Glasgow, UK

04:36 Bratislava, Slovakia

04:37 Dusseldorf, Germany

04:39 Wien, Austria

04:41 Monaco, Monte-Carlo

04:42 Monaco, Monte-Carlo

04:44 Birmingham, UK

04:48 London, UK

04:50 Paris, France

04:51 Barcelona, Spain

04:53 Amsterdam, Nederland

04:54 Copenhagen, Denmark

04:56 Lisbon, Portugal

04:56 Prague, Czech

04:57 Munich, Germany

04:57 Luzern, Switzerland

04:59 Paris, France

05:12 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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