Paraben Free Face Care – Are You Rubbing Cancer Causing Trigger Compounds Onto Your Face and Arms?

Paraben Free Face Care – Are You Rubbing Cancer Causing Trigger Compounds Onto Your Face and Arms?

Paraben free face care is an ideal you almost certainly want to aim for. At least right now. And here’s why I think this.

Parabens are chemical compounds, and we use three forms of them extensively in skincare: ethyl paraben, methyl paraben and propyl paraben. However, they are just one of thousands of chemicals and natural compounds that are used to preserve food, cosmetics and skincare products.

You would think that since preservatives are so widely used in food and skincare lotions that they would be safe. I mean, that’s the job of the government. Right? To make sure manufacturers are careful about what they put in food and what we put on our faces. You’d expect officials to loudly endorse paraben free face care if paraben was harmful.

Natural preservatives obviously are safe. They are natural. People have been eating and rubbing them on their bodes for thousands of years, and around some of them has grown a considerable body of lore and natural healing remedies.

But this is not always the case with chemicals. In fact some chemical preservatives in developing countries that I have lived in are decidedly suspect.

In countries where government health regulations can often be ignored in the local market, toxic chemicals and harmful synthetic substances regularly find their way into beauty products and food. You’ve probably heard of skin whiteners in African countries, for instance. And MSG in South East Asian cooking. These are countries where a demand for paraben free face care is unheard of. And where paraben free lotions and creams would never survive in the price-driven market places.

But the alarming thing is Western face care products are frequently kept fresh on the store shelves with parabens — and now evidence has been discovered suggesting paraben are one of the triggers for breast cancer.

Parabens are widely used in face care products for three simple commercial reasons. They are effective — they really do preserve skincare creams. They’re cheap — so manufacturers use them to keep their costs down. And they are said to be non toxic — safe.

Their safety is now thrown into doubt, however, as six parabens have been recovered from biopsy samples from tumors in breasts. And even more chilling, they’ve been found in concentrations that mimic the concentrations in skincare products like face care creams.

How did the parabens get into the bodies of these six women?

The obvious answer to the layman is that over time, with repeated use, they seeped through the skin and accumulated until they were concentrated enough to be a cancer trigger.

Other research has come up with a second, potentially explosive, discovery that some components of paraben act like estrogen molecules in humans. Some breast cancer is brought on by estrogen. So you’ve got to wonder if parabens might also stimulate breast cancer.

There is an urgent need for more research. But it seems to me safe to assume that parabens are not as safe as we once thought. Indeed this might be the time to switch to paraben free face care. At least until the scientists can assure us that our fears are groundless.

The time for all of us to be using paraben free face care may have arrived.

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