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DxO Labs On Brink Of Receivership?

DxO Labs On Brink Of Receivership?

DxO Labs has reportedly gone into receivership, with a legal notice surfacing online claiming that the company has opened a bankruptcy proceeding. 

DxO Labs split from DXO Mark in January 2018, With DXO Mark Image Labs becoming a privately owned company focusing on image quality solutions and services. DxO Labs had announced further development of DXO PhotoLabs, their image editing software.  

DxO Labs also has the DXO One smartphone camera attachment under its remit, which was also continuing to be developed. The company also had big plans for the Nik collection of software, which it acquired from Google in October 2017. 

Though it’s unclear to us how receiverships and bankruptcy cases proceed under French law, what can’t be denied is that an official legal notice has surfaced on Canon Rumors which states “the opening of a bankruptcy proceeding” has been declared. 

A customer of DxO Labs also claims to have received the following official letter: “Hello sir, In fact, the company has recently been placed under a regime of judicial administration, the time to reorganize. Although we can not comment on this situation, we can nevertheless assure you that the company is absolutely not in liquidation and that we are confident that our customers will not be affected by this procedure.” 

We’ll update you on the story as more information comes to light. 

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