The Basic Facial Skincare Routine

The Basic Facial Skincare Routine

The best way to improve skin health is to care for it lovingly. Following a basic facial skincare routine will keep skin on the face healthy and vibrant for a lifetime. Many people overlook this simple process, causing their skin to be dull and dry or oily. By making a few simple changes to their daily cleansing and treatment regimen, they can give their skin a complete makeover.

A Good Skincare Routine Begins With the Right Face Cleanser

Cleansing is the first step in caring for skin on the face. If pores are not clean, skin will be unhealthy and may become the breeding ground for pimples. Purchase a face cleanser designed for your type of skin and use it in the morning and at night to remove dirt, oil, and other impurities. Follow with a toner that has an astringent quality but will not over-dry skin to make it more prone to flakiness or breakouts. Apply toner with a cotton ball or pad, wiping it over the entire face and neck.

Face cream keeps skin hydrated, making it healthy, and it can even reduce lines and wrinkles that appear naturally with age. Choose a face cream suitable for the skin type and apply it to a clean face in the morning to start the day on a fresh note. Use an extra-moisturizing cream at night after washing the face so it can work overnight. Creams featuring antioxidants brighten the complexion and those with peptides or retinol firm and tone.

Exfoliation: An Extra Treat for Skin

Exfoliating skin products remove dead skin cells, revealing the healthier layer of skin benefit them. Exfoliating face products come in different varieties including those containing seeds that remove dead skin naturally. Chemical versions feature hydroxy acids or retinols that slough off dead cells from the surface of skin. These can be more irritating to sensitive skin so proceed with caution.

The exfoliation process is an extra step in the skincare routine, but it should not be overlooked. Removal dead skin prevents it from clogging pores and causing blemishes. Dead skin can also be itchy, leading to scratching that creates redness or even open wounds. Sloughing this skin away and revealing a healthy layer also protects the face from the elements.

Do Not Forget the Sunscreen

Sunscreen is not just for lazy days on the beach. Whenever the face is exposed to the sun, it absorbs ultraviolet rays that can harm it. Sun damage is a leading cause of age spots and wrinkles, so why not be proactive in preventing them? Choose a face cream that features an SPF of at least 15. For added facial skincare protection, top with a layer of regular sunscreen.

Keeping skin protected from the sun now will pay off very in the future. When friends start to look wrinkled and old, you will still look like a teenager. Adding this step to the facial skincare routine can take years off the appearance, inspiring self-confidence and a zest for life into the golden years. There is nothing like a beautiful face!

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