The Benefits of a Regular Face Care Routine

The Benefits of a Regular Face Care Routine

We all want clear and fresh skin but do not always put in the required effort to get it. An effective and regular skin care routine can pay dividends. It is suggested that a daily routine should be followed to get the best results. The general daily pattern should include cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Exfoliation should also be done but not daily.

It is important to determine what your skin type is so that you can use the most effective products for it. Be aware that skin type can change based on foods that you eat and even the time of year.


This is done to clean the skin of dirt and impurities. If done effectively, it can not only remove the dirt but also permit the penetration of the skin of the effective ingredients of the products applied after cleansing. This is usually conducted twice a day and it is best to remember to use water that is not too hot and a non-harsh cleanser. It should be applied to the face for about 20 seconds. The cleanser should be removed by splashing water across the face for as many times as is necessary. The face should then be patted dry with a towel.


Toning is not necessary for everyone. It is only really required for those with exceptionally oily skin. Especially if it is still very oily after cleansing. If your skin is reliably clear after toning then it is not always necessary. A lot of toners contain alcohol. It is recommended that a toner is used without alcohol.


Moisturizing is not necessary for everyone. If you have oily skin then a moisturizer is not required as the oils provide a natural moisturizer. The moisturizer should be applied after cleansing or toning. Gently massage into the face avoiding the sensitive skin around the eyes.


This does not need to be a part of the daily skin care routine and in fact only really needs to be carried out once or twice a week. Exfoliation is the process of removing the dead layers of skin to reveal the fresh healthy skin below. It is a welcome addition to a skin care routine and can result in the skin looking a lot fresher.

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