Skin Care For the Winter

Skin Care For the Winter

o If you are in the habit of taking brisk winter walks, insure you drink plenty of fluid as you dehydrate quite easily.

o Keep your skin moisturized at all times. If you have an oily skin, use an oil-free moisturizer. Opt for a heavy night cream. Neverheless, it is advisable to wipe off the excess cream around the eyes as it may lead to puffiness. Keep your hands, feet, legs and arms moisturized with a good body lotion.

o Do not shower more than once a day. Mix a few drops of bath oil while you bathe. This leaves a thin film of oil on the skin, which will help thwart loss of moisture from the skin, making it look fresh and soft.

o Do not leave home with wet skin or lips as it can appear chapped, almost instantly. The lips lack oil glands of their own, which is why they get so easily chapped during winter. Here, extra care is required to protect lips from cracking. Make use of a lip balm or a salve during the day. As far as possible avoid wearing lipsticks, especially the matte types, as they are quite drying.

o It is advisable to drink something hot before you step outdoors, this will help in keeping the body warm. Also, avoid extremes of temperature. For instance, do not step out into the cold after warming yourself in front of a heater.

o Finally, keep a check on your diet and stay away from alcohol. Eat plenty of salads and fruits and assure you drink lots of water.

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