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Top Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Accessories

Top Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Accessories


The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is currently the must-have smartphone for photographers (in our opinion, check out our ‘best buys’ list) but as well as the phone, you’re going to need a way to protect it and, even though the built-in cameras are great, you may want a way to enhance your photography further and that, ladies and gentlemen, is where this list comes in. 

Below, we round-up some of the best Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy S9 accessories currently available that will either keep your smartphone safe, help enhance your smartphone photography further or will simply make your life that bit easier. 

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As well as accessories, apps will also help you capture better photos with your smartphone. Now, for the moment, we only have a guide to the best free iOS photography apps but we are working on an Android one, too. 



1. Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Case

Samsung Clear View Cover Case and Stand for Galaxy S9

Smaller bezels, more glass and bigger price tags mean our smartphones are something we want to protect from accidental drops more than ever and that’s why so many cases are available. There are plenty of non-official, cheap options on the market but by purchasing a case from Samsung, you know the case will fit correctly so you can still use the camera and it should also be constructed well so won’t fall apart overnight. 

The Samsung Clear View Cover/Case is available for both the S9 and S9 Plus in a variety of colours and it can also be used as a stand when you want to watch video footage back. 

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2. Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Protector

Galaxy S9 Screen Protector

This particular screen protector is listed under ‘Amazon’s Choice’ and you get two in a pack.  This one is for the S9 NOT the S9 Plus but plenty of S9 Plus screen protectors are also listed. Not everyone is a fan of them but they can help prevent screen scratches and when you follow the instructions, they’re straightforward to apply. 

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3. Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Wireless Charger

Samsung Original Qi Enabled AFC Wireless Charger for Galaxy S9/S9+


Wireless charging wasn’t something we realised we needed until it arrived and even though you still have to plug the charging device into the wall, it’s pretty cool just been able to plonk your phone on top of it and hear the tone that tells you it’s charging.

Now, the Samsung Wireless Charger is more expensive than others available but as it’s designed by Samsung to charge Samsung products, it’s probably optimised to charge your smartphone as quickly as possible (two hours to be precise). It is available in a variety of colours and can also be used as a stand so you can charge your phone but still use it at a comfortable angle. 

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4. Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Power Bank

AUKEY Power Bank 20000mAh Portable Charger with Lightning and Micro-USB Input


Power banks are useful things to pack if you’re heading out exploring a city when on holiday or a weekend break as, let’s face it, smartphone batteries are still pretty rubbish! There are loads available but the Aukey Power Bank is featured on ‘Amazon’s Choice’ list, it has 20000mAh of power, is a decent size/weight and is reasonably priced. 

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5. Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus In-Car Charger 

Car Charger

If you don’t want to carry a power bank around, you could always use your car to charge your smartphone while you’re driving to/from a destination. They plug into the cigarette lighter port and this one can power two devices at once. The top port is for fast charging while the bottom port will charge at the normal charge rate. 

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6. Samsung Galaxy S9 Smartphone Tripod

Camera Phone Tripod


For added stability when taking photos with your smartphone, a tripod is a useful tool and there are plenty of mini tripods on the market which are perfect for phoneographers. This particular model has legs that can be wrapped around things as well as set-up the way a conventional tripod is used. It’s compatible with the Galaxy S9 (S9 Plus isn’t mentioned) and is a best seller over on Amazon USA. 

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7. Samsung Evo Plus Micro SDXC Card 


Samsung EVO Plus Micro SDXC 64GB


The beauty with Android devices is that their memory can be extended with memory cards and the Samsung EVO Plus Micro SDXC 64GB is a popular buy over on Amazon. There’s also a smaller capacity available should you want to spend less cash or a huge 128GB memory card available should you need lots of extra storage. 

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8. Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus USB-C to HDMI Adapter



If you want to show-off your images on a big screen or want to watch 4K videos you’ve recorded back on your TV, you’re going to need a USB-C to HDMI adapter. Samsung does their own version but this one from Choetech is much more reasonably priced. 

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9. Lens Adapter (Galaxy S9 Only) 

Mobile Phone Camera Lens Kit

Even though the lenses on smartphones are really good nowadays, some enjoy experimenting with different lenses and there are plenty of lens adapters available for Samsung smartphones. They tend to be for the S9 only has it has just one lens whereas the S9 Plus has a dual-lens set-up on the rear. 

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10. Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Car Dash Mount

GreatShield Car Phone Holder


When driving to a location to capture some cracking landscapes, a satnav can be handy and with maps built-in, it makes sense just to use your smartphone. Just don’t be messing with it while driving as you will get into bother! Again, loads are available but this one has got good reviews over on Amazon and is reasonably priced. 

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