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Skin Care Routine To Cleanse, Tone And Moisturize

Skin Care Routine To Cleanse, Tone And Moisturize

The health of your skin is not entirely depended on your skin type; if you follow the proper skin care routine of cleaning, toning and moisturizing, then your skin will stay healthy irrespective of its type. When you clean your face, you remove all built-up of sweat, oil and dirt while toning will tighten the skin pores. The face will remain soft with moisturizing.

That is why, in the book “Secrets of Great Skin”, the authors, Eva M. Herrott PhD and David J Goldberg stresses that proper facial skin care routine is must to fight not only blemishes but also skin aging. The three steps take just a few minutes which even the busiest of us can easily spare.

To set up your routine, first gather all the things you will need. Apart from the three beauty products i.e. moisturizing facial cleanser, facial toner and moisturizer, you will need a soft washcloth, cotton balls, and a clean towel.

To start your skin care routine, first soak the soft washcloth in tepid water and then rub it on your face gently for about 45 seconds in small circles. This step, as author Daniel Yarosh of “The New Science of Perfect Skin” notes, will open up the skin pores which in turn will make the cleaning process much easier.

To start the cleaning part, take about a dime sized drop of your facial cleanser between your middle and index fingertips. Massage this drop slowly to your face for about ½ a minute. Then use the soft washcloth and warm water to rinse the cleanser off.

Gently pat dry your face with the clean towel to get rid of any extra moisture. Remember never to rub your skin at this stage as it will irritate the skin.

In the next step of your skin care routine, you will need a cotton ball. Soak the ball in your facial toner and apply it all over your face. You should rub the toner in your face till the cotton ball become dry.

Take about a dime sized drop of your moisturizer into your middle and index fingertips. Then softly massage into in your face. You should massage till you see all the moisturizer has been absorbed by your facial skin.

These three skin care routines i.e. cleansing, toning and moisturizing should be done at least twice a day if you want a superb, healthy skin. The best time is after your morning bath and then before you go to bed. The whole process, as you can see will not take more than 10 to 15 minutes! So instead of running to salons and dermatologist or to cosmetic surgeons later on for skin problems, start doing this from now on so that you have a beautiful healthy skin that shows little signs of your growing age.

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