5 Easy Steps of Skin Care Supplements – Order of Application

5 Easy Steps of Skin Care Supplements – Order of Application

If you use any skin care supplements, you may have wondered if it makes any difference in which order you apply them. Yes, you can benefit from applying products in a certain order, and here is a quick explanation to help you.

  1. Start with clean dry skin.
  2. If you use any topical medications*, you’ll want to apply those as the first layer of your supplements. These work on deeper layers of your skin and you’ll want to obtain maximum benefits from these products.
  3. Next, apply any treatment products. These are products that work to repair damage that has already occurred. (Fighting fine lines and wrinkles.)
  4. Apply sun protection which will protect from UVA/UVB sun rays. These usually have active ingredients and you’ll want those to work below the skin surface for best results.
  5. Apply moisturizer, to seal in all the previous benefits and help add or retain moisture for your skin.

How would you determine which order to apply supplements if you use more than one in any of the categories above? (Such as two treatment products) Basically, there are four kinds of product delivery systems for these products: serums, gels, lotions, and creams. If you were to apply a tiny bit of each kind to your hand, and then turn your hand, the thinnest to thickest would begin to move down your hand either quickly or slowly, depending on the thickness. You might think of it as the thicker the product, the more of a barrier it is to the product that is applied over it. Apply these in the order of the most thin, to the thickest product in this order:

  1. Serum
  2. Gel
  3. Lotion
  4. Cream

* Anyone using any prescribed topical medications should always check with their physician before adding cosmetic products to their skin care routine.

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