Dry Skin Care – How to Improve Your Skin

Dry Skin Care – How to Improve Your Skin

Dry skin can cause an uncomfortable feeling and is usually unattractive, thus people with dry skin our looking for solutions to their problem. Dry skin is typically not a serious health problem, however it changes healthy skin cells into withered cells and often produces wrinkles. Some people have skin disorders categorized as ichtyosis which are severe dry skin conditions that are usually due to heredity.

Dry skin does not have the ability to hold moisture. People with extreme dry skin have cracking signs that are noticeable. People with dry skin might notice their condition becoming worse when exposed to wind, hot and cold weather conditions, a low humidity environment and air conditioning.


For dry skin care doctors typically recommend using moisturizers which reduce the amount of moisture that escapes your skin by providing a seal. Thick moisturizers are preferred such as Cetaphil and Eucerin. It is also recommended to purchase cosmetic products that contain moisturizing substances. For those with extremely dry skin you might want to use oil on your skin such as baby oil and apply it while your skin is moist.

For dry skin care, experts recommend that you choose cleansing creams or mild skin cleansing products instead of using soap on your skin. If you want to use soaps you might want to consider selecting soaps such as Dove or Neutrogena which are milder than basic soaps. Deodorants can create problems for dry skin as well as anti-bacterial detergent products. When choosing dry skin care products try a variety of products and find the items that help make your skin feel smooth and soft after you apply them.

Showering and Bathing

Dermatologists recommend that you avoid using hot water while showering or bathing since hot water seems to reduce the amount of oil your skin contains. Also, it is preferable that you take a short shower or bath. After washing your face or taking a shower pat your skin with a soft towel and proceed to moisturize your skin by applying a cream or oil. A useful dry skin care recommendation is to use a humidifier in order to prevent hot, dry air from drying out your skin and causing uncomfortable itchiness.

Cotton and silk which are natural fibers are the preferred material when choosing clothes to wear. These natural fibers provide an opportunity for your skin to breath. However, wool is a natural fiber you should avoid wearing since it can cause irritation of the skin. Another dry skin care suggestion is to choose a detergent for washing your clothes that does not contain perfumes or dyes. These are some of the dry skin care suggestions that can improve your dry skin.

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