Benefits of Having a WordPress Blog Versus a Free Blog

Benefits of Having a WordPress Blog Versus a Free Blog

The decision to move my blog content from a free service to a WordPress blog was a necessary but none the less difficult one.

When I lost my job and made the decision to pursue working from home using the internet to set up a few income streams I was cash busted. My lack of employment was unexpected and I needed to keep an eye on every dollar spent from our now decreased budget. I had watched a free video series “Building on a Budget” that gave me helpful ideas on how to set up my online business on a budget. So not following all directions I choose a shortcut and I started my blog on Not sure what a niche was I blogged about part business and part personal rants. I became so comfortable with the blog. It was all about me and I was not writing for an audience.

Soon I found another job and could afford to get a hosted blog but I felt so attached to my blog that every time I thought of switching to a blog the emotion that kicked up was abandonment. I mean really can you imagine that. Well it is the truth as I sat and reviewed the blog I realized a few things.

  1. In a year my writing skills had improved
  2. I had shared stories on the blog that touched me each time I read them
  3. I had established relationships with others on social media platforms that had taken the time to comment on my blog
  4. I also noticed that the blog did not have a specific theme. I had gone from journaling to actually using the blog for network marketing.
  5. I had started getting a lot of traffic using new lead generation tactics I was learning in MyLeadSystemPro but no one was leaving comments except a friend here and there.
  6. No one was taking my blog seriously because it was a free platform I am sure. My content had improved but people in the industry still judged and that is the way it is.

Sure it is OK to have your personality come through on your blog but in that case my blog had made a turn. Having identified my niche and switching up what I blogged about the overall message of the blog became confusing. Having made a serious decision to be laser focused with my primary business and network marketing I knew I needed a safer platform to support my content and a clearly identified target niche message.

Also the fear kicked in that a free blog platform could disappear and I would lose everything. I do save every blog post I write on my PC but still the thought of all that work no longer existing got me moving.

What Happened Next

Making a big girl decision I increased my participation in the training provided by a community of successful network marketers in (MLSP). Here I learned how to set up my new blog, how to write content that provided value for others, and how to use SEO to properly optimize my blog for search engines particularly Google. The transition has been beneficial.

The Benefits of Having a Hosted Blog

  • I no longer fear losing my content because a site decides to shut down
  • I own my blog and can use it as I desire
  • Having a WordPress blog presents that you are a professional in the network marketing industry.
  • It only cost me $10.00 per month for blog hosting with A reasonable expense for using a free to download blog software and hosting it in a safe place. Considering the income you can make from your blog this is win-win.
  • I use the WordPress Thesis Theme and learn something new every day on how to enhance the look of my blog without the limitations that I had with the free blog I was using.
  • There is the freedom to make money blogging online selling products and services on my blog without restrictions if I choose to.

Free Blog Sites

If you are new to blogging and want to test the waters or your budget is low you do what you need to do here are a few free blogging platforms you can use.

  • or Blogger
  • (this platform does not allow you to sell product/services on it)
  • is a free website development site but I have seen some people set it up as a blog

Free may seem better but it is not always the best way to go. If you are serious about starting a home business and using a blog to market I recommend that you use a hosted service like and have the blog hosted on a site like,or

Which blogging platform do you have or will use? Why? Feel free to comment below.

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