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Facial Massage – Skin Beauty Or Stress Release?

Facial Massage – Skin Beauty Or Stress Release?

A facial massage is one of the simplest relaxation therapies which can be done by a trained masseur or by oneself with the right guidance on step by step massage techniques. Facial massages are designed to release stress and tension, and yet stimulate the skin. This works as a beauty therapy, perks up blood circulation and revitalizes facial muscles. Facial massage therapy is the preferred choice for stress release and beauty therapy by both men and women worldwide.

Top 7 Benefits of a Facial Massage

  • The face shows great improvement in facial skin appearance.
  • Improved blood circulation rids the skin of its impurities and gives the face a healthy nourished glow.
  • The dead surface cells are cleaned away
  • The skin structure shows firmness and it helps the skin to retain moisture.
  • Muscle tension relief enables one to de-stress and relax completely especially after a long tiring day.
  • Facial massages have not only physical benefits but also positive psychological effects.
  • Skin puffiness, laugh lines (wrinkles), sagging areas on the face are reduced and the face gets a toned glow.

The best part of a facial massage is that you can do it anytime, anywhere and it takes no more than a minute of your time or less. You can use any cream, lotion, vegetable oil at home or essential oil blends for added benefits.

How to get a Facial Massage done?

First, mix your own choice of essential oil blends based on your skin type. Wash your face and cleanse it, pat dry. Cover your face with your personal oil blend. Massage oils into your face using upwards and outward movements.

The massage does not have any specific proper way of massaging except knowing that you move your hands in upward-out movements. You can use all parts of your hand though you mainly use the palms and thumbs. You move down on the nose and apply the rule of upward outward motion when you reach the top of the cheekbone (that is, the bottom of your nose). It's important to know and locate the acupressure points, press with your fingers applying constant, firm, steady pressure, follow the curves of your skull, massage your jaw and the base of your skull; moving around the back of the skull. Massage your entire face in small circular movements.

Oil Blends

The general guideline for an essential oil blend is, to mix 1-3 drops of essential oil into 1 teaspoon of base oil or vegetable oil. There are oil blends based on different skin types. You can make your own personal blends depending on your skin complexion.

Word of Caution:

A holistic facial treatment benefits most people. However, there are a few exceptions where facial massage therapies are not desirable. These exceptional conditions includes people prone to pimply skin who tend to break out easily, blood pressure problems, some skin disorders, recent operative procedures on the face or neck, fractures, high fever, sunburn, thrombosis, tumors. Acne concrete skin needs to be deal with care. This means if you take care to massage the general area, avoid the pimple affected skin areas by not pinching, squeezing or burning them then massage on pimpled skin should be acceptable.

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