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6 Steps To Get Rid Of Back Acne

6 Steps To Get Rid Of Back Acne

Bacne is a term coated for back acne. Like other forms of acne, back acne can be pimples, cysts or blackheads. It can affect anyone of any age and gender. There are several ways to treat back acne as well as prevent it from appearing.

1 – Use anti bacterial body wash that is specifically for body acne. As the skin thickness and texture is different from our face, you need a body wash that is a little stronger than your acne facial wash. Also, do not use regular soap.

2 – After taking a shower, use the towel to pat your back dry. Do not rub vigorously on the back where the acne is.

3. Wear cotton clothes where possible. You can try putting some powder on your back to prevent perspiration and stickiness.

4 – Do not let perspiration stay on your body. This is so especially after exercise. Instead, wipe off the perspiration and change your clothes.

5 – Use Benzoyl Peroxide or AHA on your back. You will achieve faster results if you use both together. You can check out body wash that is specially made for body acne.

6 – Exfoliate your back a few times a week. You can use sea salts to scrub your back to get rid of dead skin cells.

There are also treatments that can be made by a dermatologist if you have very severe back acne. However, before you go with the hi tech machine treatment, you can first try some home remedies and simple treatments mentioned above. Remember prevention is just as important as treating existing acne.

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