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3 reasons you HAVE to do an alternative spring break

3 reasons you HAVE to do an alternative spring break

Looking for the spring break of a lifetime, but want to travel meaningfully? Does cleaning up beaches and empowering local communities sound like what you’re looking for? If you answered yes to either of those questions then an alternative spring break is for you! 

Praise today’s students for being more socially aware than ever before and on the hunt for responsible travel opportunities. Traditional spring breaks are great, but opportunities to live like a local abroad plus supporting community volunteer projects equals authentic AND rewarding experiences. Need more convincing? Here are 3 reasons why we think you should do an alternative spring break!

Adventure with a purpose

On the hunt for adventure? From your own local community to further sprung areas, there are plenty of projects waiting for you to get busy with. Forget partying, try out environmental conservation, humanitarian aid, construction, women’s empowerment, community development projects and So. Much. More! Love Costa Rica? What about this alternative spring break in Costa Rica where you’ll get to participate in responsible tourism at it’s finest?

Resume Building

Though relaxing on a beach is definitely appealing, the experiential learning you’ll get on an alternative spring breaks enables incredible personal and professional development. These alternative spring breaks will give you the same amount of fun and buckets more lifelong experiences. Get ready to check those key cross-cultural communication and adaptability boxes on your college grad resume. You’ll also learn team building and problem-solving and, bonus: sometimes volunteering experiences can be tailored to be applicable to your major!

Lifelong Friends

Best of all, you’ll meet lifelong friends; with a volunteer program you can find a ton of like-minded people from all over the US and beyond. Hello, sofas to crash on when we next go traveling!

Feel ready to start making a difference? Call today to find out what volunteering opportunities you can participate in for your spring break trip (or for anytime thereafter!)

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