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10 Reasons You Should Travel To Bolivia

10 Reasons You Should Travel To Bolivia


8. Culture shock


The wonderful thing about Bolivian cities is you will find yourself seemingly stuck in a time warp at times.

Whether you’ve flown in from somewhere around the world or you’ve made your way westerly across the country from Sucre you will quickly feel the cultural change.

Cities like Potosi, and even La Paz, are fraught with traditions from the clothing worn by the older women to the daily markets of families making their livings.

Amusingly, we were told during a walking tour that traditionally, very differently to the western way, ladies here flirt using their layered skirts to show their calves, but only as high as the man deserves to see!

With a responsibility to carry the goods to market (along with children!) it is attractive for the women to be strong and powerful. Enjoy the slower pace of life as you immerse yourself in a different culture.

English speakers are few and far between here when it comes to the locals so don’t forget to bring your best Español or at least your best Spanglish (with arms waving) and see how well you go!

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9. Good Quality Hostels – Loki vs. Wild Rover


reasons to visit bolivia hostels
There is nothing better for a consumer than two businesses fighting for your custom.

Thankfully, this is exactly what is happening across South America as the two chains Loki and Wild Rover go head to head in many of the major cities.

For those who have been on the move for a long time, it can be comforting to see a chain you trust and recognise in a city that you don’t yet.

As new travellers there is nothing better than a well-run hostel to meet new people and form new connections, especially if you’re travelling solo.

This friendly rivalry provides backpackers with treats like Loki Cusco in its beautiful historic building, the lively parties in the bar of Wild Rover La Paz or the view from the front facing rooms in Loki La Paz.

These guys also offer a bonus system if you repeatedly stay with them as you move and who doesn’t love a free night of accommodation?

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10. More Bang For Your Buck

bolivia things to do

Admittedly it’s not something you can see or a memory you’ll create but the cost is up there with the most important details about any country.

When you’re travelling the world on a shoestring then you want to know if the place you’re headed to is going to drain your bank. I’m glad to tell you that Bolivia will not!

Compared to the southern countries of South America; Chile and Argentina, Bolivia is a breath of fresh air.

It is one of those countries where eating out rather than cooking won’t ruin your daily budget and consequently, you can splash out a little more on those elaborate excursions.

Make the memories without dying inside with money worries, that’s the dream!

Viajes Seguros!
Big love,
N & G

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