How to Choose a Professional WordPress Theme?

How to Choose a Professional WordPress Theme?

There are websites and websites where people sell WordPress themes and it is a little tricky to pick the professional ones from amongst this multitude. Some themes have great visual appeal but they fall flat when it comes to functionality and some are not compatible with recent versions of WordPress. So one needs to decide upon the version of WordPress on which the theme can run and ensure that the theme has the menu-adding functionality.

ThemeForest is a site that has WordPress themes galore for sale. These are themes that Corporates to start-ups to bloggers will want to use. Whether it is just a website or dynamic blog that you want to build, you will not run short of choice on ThemeForest.

Here's why we say ThemeForest is your best bet for purchasing templates:

  • Most templates sold on are ThemeForest constantly updated.
  • You get direct support from the author through comments or through forums.
  • Just take a look at the comments on each WordPress theme and you'll get to know that the theme is all about and why it has buyers!
  • The rating system is a great new idea that ThemeForest has come up with which weeds out bad themes from the market.

We've got some great pointers for you on how to choose the best WordPress theme

  1. Look for a slider. Do not go for a Flash slider. Not that we hate Flash. But Flash has a downside in that it can not be played on iPad and iOS devices. Therefore opting for a jQuery slider would be a wise decision.
  2. See whether the theme allows you to handle menu items from admin. Also remember to look for presence of dropdown menu.
  3. Look for an admin panel that can store images and data like logos, footer, credit and copyright related things.
  4. To have an admin panel with import and export options would be the icing on the cake. But it is OK if it is not available.
  5. Ensure that the theme comes with shortcodes to display gallery.
  6. Look for a separate link for Blog. The advantage of having a blog link is that you can have a blog on any page. By and large WordPress sites do have the blog post listing on the homepage itself. But currently WordPress is becoming a full-fledged CMS and therefore it can handle the site as well as blogs at same place.
  7. Find out whether a blog post can be attached with a featured image.

We are sure that armed with these tips, you will find yourself the best professional WordPress Theme that you can get! Bonne Chance!

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