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Reduce Deep Wrinkles With These Proven Skin Care Products

Reduce Deep Wrinkles With These Proven Skin Care Products

This article is about a range of unique facial and skin care products under the brand name of Edgar Morris. There are hundreds of similar products which are available in the market with specific claims to provide the consumers with the right solutions to their constant need to look radiant and beautiful; but very few can achieve the results which you are bound to experience with the Edgar Morris range. The range falls into one main category and three subsidiary categories.

The Corrective Skin Care System

Utilizing advanced discoveries in biotechnology, the Edgar Morris Skin Care System includes the use of natural botanicals and herb extracts that work with active pharmaceutical ingredients to gently repair, revive, and re-balance the skin. These comprehensive skin care regimens are based on three simple concepts:

Skin Peeling

When dry skin peels, it reveals a “new” layer of skin which is softer and suppler to the touch.


Several products in the systems (including anti-bacterial agents) are designed are designed to clear the skin and eliminate clogged pores, which cause eruptions, blemishes, acne, and discoloration. For the damage already done, Edgar Morris has created a skin lightener to fade dark spots and discoloration.


Edgar Morris’ re-balancing agents and moisturizers restore a healthy balance to maintain your flawless, radiant skin.

Each Edgar Morris Skin Care Regimen contains specific products to benefit your individual needs. These kits have been specifically formulated and designed to give the best results. All Edgar Morris products are also sold individually. A description of the products follow:

Each of the facial kits contain nine products. Six of these products are the same in each of the kits. Each kit contains three individual and unique products that address specific skin care problems.

The six universal products that are contained in each facial kit are:

Re-Balancing Astringent: 4 oz. and 6 oz. sizes

This astringent tones and helps cleanse and condition the skin. It helps complete the cleansing process by gently removing any excess oil and impurities from both the surface of the skin and from the skin’s pores. It contains natural ingredients and will not strip the skin or cause it to over dry.

The Purifying Mask: 2oz. and 3oz sizes

This is a refreshing mask that helps deep clean the skin pores causing the pores to diminish in size over time, giving the skin a smoother look. Cucumber, Mallow, Ivy, Arnica and other plant extracts soothe and condition the skin while removing dead skin cells and surface impurities. This mask also helps control excessive oiliness.

Moisturizing Booster:.5oz

This is an oil free Moisturizer that helps the skin maintain the proper moisture balance. It helps to naturally hydrate and rejuvenate the skin while toning and refining the texture.

Daily Nourishing Cream: 2oz.and 4oz. sizes

A rich lightweight cream that nourishes and conditions the skin. It contains Aloe Vera, and extracts from Nettle, Pine, Chamomile, Rosemary and Watercress. Its botanical formula is enhanced with Alpha-Hydroxy Acids.

Skin Lightener:.5oz.

This product contains 2% Hydroquinone and is designed to work on eliminating the discoloration and dark spotting that occurs on the facial skin. It can be used on scaring and age spots.

Oil Free Sun Block#15: 2oz. and 3oz sizes.

This product helps to screen out the sun’s harmful UV rays. These damaging rays can prematurely age the skin. They can also trigger the melanin, or pigmentation in the skin to darken. Ultraviolet rays have also been shown to increase the risk of skin cancer.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that these been proven to work effectively on all skin colour types.

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