4 Remarkable Spots to Visit in Uruguay

4 Remarkable Spots to Visit in Uruguay

As one of the lesser-spotted South American nations, Uruguay tends to suffer from a total lack of marketing and presentation.

It’s a stunning country, though, and is known for its liberal attitude and ability to make mature decisions on things like drugs and healthcare.

While Uruguay likely came to prominence for many people by recently taking a positive stance on the marijuana industry, it’s a country that has many unique and exciting things for you to do.

If you fancy a trip to somewhere a little different, here are four must-see spots in Uruguay.


Four Must-See Spots in Uruguay


The perfect place to begin with, a trip to the capital is a must. It’s a very laid-back little town and can make it nice and easy for you to get the feet up and the mind relaxed.

From the old city quarter that is full of truly amazing architecture to the Teatro Solis, this is a part of the country that has to be seen to be believed.

If you do decide to come here, make your way to the Rambla where you can take in amazing beaches and walk along the coast of the city.

If you have time and you are here at the right time, take in a football derby match between Nacional and Penarol; two of the fiercest competitors in South American football.


The Rocha Coast

Did you enjoy the wonderful coast of Montevideo? Then take in the Rocha Coast for something equally as impressive.

This is where the Cabo Palonio sits; a wonderful little fishing village that is free of all modern add-ons like electricity and/or running water. It’s a perfect way to escape from electricity and to enjoy a day living like someone from the past.

The natural sightseeing that you can do on the coast, and the truly peaceful nature of the whole area, makes this a must-visit for all people who come to taste Uruguay’s delights.



Piriapolis is quite an interesting location, and is a top venue for a lasting and enjoyable summer vacation.

It’s got some awesome areas to visit, from its promenade – the hub of the city – to the amazing Sugar Loaf Mountain. Make the time to come and visit this exceptional part of the country, and we guarantee that you will have the time of your life in this exceptional, energising little hotspot.


Colonia del Sacramento

This is a very popular choice for a whole host of reasons, not least because it’s so close to the Rio de la Plata and, by extension, Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Many people choose to head across the river to and from both areas, so you could easily make a trip in Argentina, one over to Uruguay, or vice versa.

The Historic Quarter here is absolutely unreal, and well worth coming to see if you are a fan of picturesque beauty. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and stands out as a truly must-see part of this stunning little country.  

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