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Saint John New Brunswick – The Complete City Guide and Day Trips

Saint John New Brunswick – The Complete City Guide and Day Trips

Saint John New Brunswick is a must see when doing an east coast road trip in Canada. These are the tops sites and day trips from the city. 

We didn’t know much about Saint John, New Brunswick before visiting the city. My sister Teresa was always a fan of New Brunswick, but I always wanted to go somewhere more exciting.

It took years for Dave and I to finally explore the East Coast of Canada. It wasn’t until this past summer that we made our way to New Brunswick.

When deciding on our latest East Coast road trip, Dave and I chose a visit to New Brunswick to see what my late sister and her husband Brian loved so much about it.

It was our way of honouring their memory while having the chance to see more of our own country.

We didn’t love New Brunswick right away, but once we when settled in Saint John we quickly learned that this part of Canada’s East Coat has a very cool urban vibe that is close to several natural wonders of the world.

It made New Brunswick lovers out of us! 

Saint John New Brunswick

Beautiful Saint John, New Brunswick

Where to Stay in Saint John New Brunswick

We set up shop at the coolest accommodation on the East Coast.

It was a chance email from Ingrid of Bunkhaus Boutique Hostel that landed us in the heart of the city.

She said, “if you ever come to New Brunswick, I have a room waiting for you.” It just so happened, that we had already booked our flight to the province and told her, “We’ll see you next month!”

Bunkhaus Hostel in St John New Brunswick


I am so glad we did.

Not only did we have an amazing time in the hostel that is located in the heart of the city’s cultural scene, but we also made new friends and experienced that famous East Coast hospitality first hand.

Saint John New Brunswick Hostel


Dave and I don’t stay in a lot of hostels.

Even when backpacking through Asia a decade ago, we steered clear of hostel life, but the idea of a boutique hostel with our own private room intrigued us.

Saint John New Brunswick Bunkhaus Hostel owner

With a chic design and central location, it was our favourite place we stayed in the province.

And the common area let us mingle with guests visiting from England to India, as well as locals that stopped in for a beer and friendly conversation.

Saint John New Brunswick Day Trips

Road Trip Saint John New Brunswick


The Bunkhaus made for a great base to explore the New Brunswick Coast, The Funday Parkway and even the famous Hopewell Rocks are great day trips from Saint John.

When travelling anywhere in Canada, we recommend having your own car.

We booked a car rental for our road trip and with cheap parking across the street, we set out daily to explore the sights in and around the city.

Most attractions are anywhere from 10 minutes to 2-hours away.

If you visit Saint John New Brunswick, here are the main attractions you cannot miss.

1. Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick

Hopewell Rocks is a perfect day trip from Saint John New Brunswick

The Hopewell Rocks are probably the most famous attraction on all of New Brunswick and with good reason.

Located 2 hours from Saint John, they make for an excellent day trip from the city.

These flower pot rocks grace the covers of magazines and travel guides whenever one searches for Canadian East Coast Attractions.

day trip Saint John New Brunswick

Every day 100 million tons of water drain from the Bay of Fundy revealing the ocean floor.

This is your chance to witness the world’s highest tides. 

Visitors can walk for hours along the Bay of Fundy taking in the massive rock formation uncovered by the tides.

Keep an eye on tidal times to plan your visit. You can walk around the rocks 3 hours before and 3 hours after low tide.

Hopewell Rocks near Saint John New Brunswick

We recommend visiting around sunset. Once the sun goes down, most people leave and you have it all to yourselves.

There are companies that offer kayaking around Hopewell Rocks at high tide and this is highly recommended.

We kayaked the Three Sisters on the other side of the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia and it was a highlight of our trip!

2. Fundy National Park

Fundt National Park near Saint John New Brunswick

Fundy National Park is one of Canada’s Premier National Parks

Located between Hopewell Rocks and Saint John, it is just a 1-hour drive from the city.

We recommend spending at least a day exploring the beautiful scenery and hiking trails of the park. Trails range from short 100 metre walks to 8 km treks.

Dixon Falls near Saint John New Brunswick

It’s a beautiful drive, but please do get out of the car to take in the beautiful waterfalls, bogs, beaver ponds and boardwalks.

If you decide to overnight in the park, there are several options from camping to cabin rentals, yurts and oTENTiks.

You can also book guided walks at the park headquarters to explore the Medicinal forests, beach explorations and indigenous experiences.

3. Cape Enrage

Cape Enrage is a lose daytrip from Saint John New Brunswick

Cape Enrage is not only a gorgeous scenic stop on the coast, but it is also a beautiful drive.

Driving through the winding roads we stopped regularly to take in the views before coming out at a rocky beach filled with Inukshuks.

When the tide is out, the rock lead to a giant sandbar where you can walk out 200 metres along the ocean floor.

Cape Enrage Lighthouse New Brunswick

Just a little farther along is the Cap Enrage lighthouse sitting atop a towering cliff.

Bring a picnic to enjoy the view or have a coffee and snack at the restaurant.

Snacks at Cape Enrage New Brunswick

There are also some adventures to be had including a zip line and 46-metre (150 foot) rappelling wall.

We didn’t know about the rock climbing wall, or we would have definitely geared up for a climb.

4. St. Martins Covered Bridge

Saint Martins covered bridge New Brunswick

New Brunswick is known for its historic covered bridges. You can find them scattered throughout the province.

But there are two located very close to Saint John.

St. Martins Village

In the charming town of St.Martins, two covered bridges are located in town.

It too is located on the Bay of Fundy offering unique ways to experience the world’s highest tides.

Low tide at Saint Martins New Brunswick

We went early in the morning to avoid crowds and traffic and explored at low tide. The town was quiet and fishing boats sat on dry land waiting for the tides to come in.

The ocean floor was exposed and we walked along the rocky beach spying eagles perched on the pier looking for their prey.

Be sure to take a walk on the trails near the lighthouse for better views of the river and bridges.

5. St. Martins Sea Caves

Sea Caves at Saint Martin near Saint John New Brunswick

The Caves of St. Martin are also worth a visit.

Almost as impressive as Hopewell Rocks, the St. Martin Caves almost disappear at high tide, but when the water goes out, you can walk way out to explore inside.

These caves are massive and impressive.

Sea Caves near Saint John New Brunswick

The red cliffs attract photographers from around the world capturing those iconic Instagram shots.

Don’t forget to go around the corner to explore even more caves and cliffs.

And come back later in the day to see the caves at high tide. You’ll be amazed to see how much water covers the ground that you walked on hours earlier.

6. Fundy Trail Parkway

Fundy Trail Parkway day trip from Saint John New Brunswick

St. Martins is the gateway to the Fundy Trail. You can visit the covered bridges of St. Martins, the sea caves, and the trail in one day.

Although, we spent two days exploring St. Martins and recommend more time if you have it.

The Fundy Trail Parkway is a 30km (19mile) drive along the coast of New Brunswick.

At one time, visitors could only see this scenic stretch of coastline by hiking the Fundy Footpath (68 km long).

Hike the Fundy Footpath near Saint John New Brunswick

But today anyone can explore the coast by car with the option to get out and hike a few km to see beaches, gorges and waterfalls.

Hikes range from 300 (984 feet) metres long to 4.4 km. (2.73 miles)

It is one of the most scenic drives in Canada with incredible views of massive sea cliffs.

What we love about this drive is that the speed limit is only 40 km (24mph) and there are several pull-offs to take in the view.

7. Reversing Falls

Reversing Falls saint john new brunswick

The Reversing Falls of Saint John is probably the most overrated attraction in the city, but the science behind it is interesting.

Saint John itself s located on the Bay of Fundy creating a unique phenomenon as the Bay of Fundy’s high tide collides with the Saint John River.

As the tides rise, it overpowers the river reversing the flow.

It’s a cool thing to see the river flowing one way and then smashing against the tide creating rapids and whirlpools.

8. Split Rock at Duck Pond Beach

Duck Pond Beach near Saint John New Brunswick

We never would have known of this spot were it not for Ingrid at Bunkhaus Hostel. We were searching for a place to spend sunrise and she suggested Duck Pond Road, just 40 minutes outside the city.

While crowds gathered at the cliffs of St. Martins, we had the view of the Cliffs of Simonds all to ourselves.

They just as impressive as St. Martins with red cliffs stretching out to the sea.

They are located on a beach where you can spread out a blanket to take in the view.

9. Market Square

MArket Square in Saint John New Brunswick

This cool street has kept its historic feel with eateries and bars inside building facades dating back to the 1800s.

It has that old world charm with a hip modern vibe.

Stroll along North Market Wharf’s waterfront boardwalk where you’ll happen upon festivals and music events on the outdoor stage.

Market Square Stage in Saint John New Brunswick

Pop into a pub or restaurant and do some shopping.

The New Brunswick Museum is also located at Market Square. It’s Canada’s oldest continuous running museum!

10. Barbour’s General Store

Barbours General Store in Saint John New Brunswick

Barbour’s General Store is a very cool museum and shop that dates back to the 1800s.

It was originally built in Northern New Brunswick and brought to Saint John in 29167.

The Saint John visitor’s centre is located inside where you can book tours and pick up information on the area.

11. Alma

Alma close to Saint John New Brunswick

Alma is a town located at the entrance to Fundy National Park and is a charming fishing village that is worth spending some time in.

It has a lot of different options for dining and a few places for accommodation.

Great coffee on your way to Saint John New Brunswick

There are gift shops and bookstores reminding me a bit of the small towns located along Route 66.

In the summertime, this place is buzzing.

It is here that you can capture another one of those iconic shots of fishing boats tied to the pier sitting on dry land waiting for the tide to come in.

12. Historic Walks of Saint John New Brunswick

Streets in Saint John New Brunswick

Saint John is Canada oldest city and the only city located on the Bay of Fundy.

It is filled with history from the early settlers and a fascinating maritime past.

It is worth taking one of its historic walks to learn more about a city that dates back to 1604 when Samuel de Champlain proclaimed the name St. John.

It was another 25 years before a trading post was built here.

MArket in Saint John New Brunswick

The area saw many historic events including the American Revolution where 14,000 Loyalists settled along the St. John River.

Today you can trace that history along the Loyalist Trail, Victorian Stroll, and Prince William Walk.

Each self-guided walking tour takes about 1.5 hours and is an interesting way to explore the architecture and streets of Saint John.

Where to Eat in Saint John

Where to eat in Saint John New Brunswick

We are heading back to Saint John next week and will be adding to places to eat, but we did manage to have a few excellent meals during our first visit to the city.

What I love about the three restaurants that we sampled is how they all use locally sourced seasonal ingredients.

1. Lemongrass

Lemongrass had authentic Thai Cuisine that was very satisfying. Located at Market Square you can eat on the patio or inside.

2. East Coast Bistro

East Coast Bistro is an upscale restaurant that is perfect for a romantic night out.

Just a two-minute walk from the Bunkhaus, we strolled along Prince William Street to the inviting diner where we ate wine and cheese while waiting for our main course.

I’ll definitely be eating there again.

3. Saint John Ale House

Located near Lemongrass at Market Square, Saint John Ale House is another great place to eat.

Its upscale pub fare offers a lot of choice with a rotating menu. Like Lemongrass, it has a patio where you can take in the action on the boardwalk.

Surprising Saint John

Saint John New Brunswick Downtown

Saint John, New Brunswick will definitely surprise you.

Many people overlook travel to New Brunswick when visiting the East Coast, but there are many things to do in Saint John and the surrounding area.

If you add it to your itinerary, you won’t be disappointed.

And we haven’t even touched the north of the province.

We hope to explore more of the East Coast each summer to bring you more information on the hidden gems of Canada.

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To book your stay in Saint John, check out Bunkhaus Boutique Hostel

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