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The First Album I ever Bought…..

The First Album I ever Bought…..

If you are anything like me you have probably wondered where your favourite artist gained the inspiration to ‘get into’ music. Well wonder no more! here is a pretty full list of top named artists who we asked one simple question “What was the first album you ever bought, and what did it mean to you ” The list is long, distinguished and without doubt the responses are more than interesting.

Make sure you check out the full list, there are some big names towards the bottom that shouldn’t be missed. These include, Joey Tempest, Foy Vance and the brilliant John Waite.

Jeff Pilson : Dokken, Foreigner

The first record I remember buying was All Right Now by the Free, although I actually shoplifted it (don’t do this at home kids!!!!). Hey I was 12. But I remember the sound of the record just blew me away. The way the guitars sounded were so heavy- and the voice was so cool. Then the bass line sent me to another place. Still love that song. See Foreigner in Belfast

John Waite

The first record I bought was an e.p. it was called Shadows to the Four. They were the biggest band before the Beatles in Britain. It was instrumental guitar music. Their guitar player was the Hendrix of his day and inspired countless young boys to stand in front of the mirror playing a tennis racket pretending to be the one and only Hank B. Marvin. My brother and I went in on it together. It was the best music I’d heard in my young life. Well worth every penny.

Vernon Reid (Living Color)

The first album I ever bought with my own money was Cosmic Slop by Funkadelic.

Joff Oddie (Wolf Alice)

The first album I ever bought was ‘All killer no filler’ by rock giants…. Sum 41

Nik Kershaw

The First album I ever bought was “Aladdin Sane” by David Bowie. To a fifteen year old middle class grammar school boy, Bowie was something truly exotic, otherworldly and inspiring. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore. Click here for Nik Kershaw Photos.

Joey Tempest (Europe)

It was probably the live album “Made in japan” with Deep purple. I was amazed how well all the bandmembers played their instruments. I think it came out 1973, but I got it a few years later. We used to play this record at parties and start planning how we also could be a successful touring rockbound. See Europe live in Belfast.

Michael Mormecha

I was working in Creations furniture store in Belfast 2001. On my break I ran round to HMV and bought ‘Come To Daddy’ by Aphex Twin, that was the start of a realisation and recognition that electronic music could be vicious and heavy too, something extremely influential in my own music creation. Check out Michael with Mojo Fury.

Tim Finn

Beatles For Sale….”Baby’s In Black” and “Eight Days A Week” spring to mind…the cover looked unattainably cool to a young lad in Te kids sing those songs now, which is hugely enjoyable”.

Paul Carrack

‘Please please me’ by the Beatles. I have a brother 4 years older than me that had already bought albums by ‘The Shadows’ and Buddy Holly’ which I loved but this was the first I’d bought with money saved from Christmas and birthday. I was already playing drums in a band at school and this album was the one that excited me and inspired me so much to want to be a musician. I played along to this album, played on a ‘Dansette’ record player, over and over again in the attic above the shop where we lived. It was the culmination of my childhood dream to get to play on tour with Ringo’s All Starr Band in 2003.


The first album I actually bought, (rather than copied), was The Beatles’ “Let It Be”. I bought it on 12″ vinyl in Virgin Megastore in Belfast one Saturday afternoon when I was about 12. I still have it. “Phase one, in which Doris gets her oats.” Style! Check out Malojian.

Foy Vance

The first album I remember buying from my own money (if there is such a thing when you’re 10) was bought in Limerick and paid for with the pocket money I’d been given to last for the whole week. It was a compilation tape of Jackson 5 love songs.  I got it from a petrol station on a hot summers day on the road home from a summer camp where I fell in love with Nicola Lavery. I bought it because it had ‘Farwell my summer Love’ on it… it was all very sweet until I got home and started listening to the Sex Pistols again, and forgot that she existed.

Ciaran Gribbin

Metallica ‘Kill em All’ I was Twelve years old when i bought my first Album. All my friends at school had already got their copies and we’re raving about how good it was. I still vividly remember opening that double sleeve vinyl LP, I remember how cool it looked, being shocked by the artwork and that sweet smell of the vinyl.

Leo Abrahams

Nik Kershaw – Human Racing (I was 7). I used to listen to it every single day on the way to school and I still think it’s brilliant.

Rachel Austin

Louis Armstrong: What a Wonderful World. At the age of 9, I was struck by the sweeping beauty of this song in contrast to Louis’s raspy voice. To my youthful delight, I fell in love with the whole of this album.

Wallis Bird

Tori Amos – ‘Under the Pink’ I’d listened to my sister’s ‘Boys for Pele’ and decided to buy her new album myself. It’s extremely dynamic and meant a lot to me.

Katherine Blamire (Smoke Fairies)

I got £1 a week pocket money, so it was kind of tricky to get them. I think the first album I actually bought was a panpipe compilation album called “The Haunting Sound of the Panflute”. I bought it because they were selling it in the market for £1.  It wasn’t very haunting, just kind of reverb soaked high pitched annoyingness.

Ben Castle (Duke Special / Beth Rowley)

The first album i bought was Deepest Purple – The Very Best of Deep Purple. I was 9, it changed my life. I was a boy obsessed. Now I’m a man obsessed.

Jessica Davis (Smoke Fairies)

When I was young I was obsessed with the Carpenters. I think it was probably a carpenters album from Woolworths.

Cara Dillon

A Ha – Hunting High And Low, Morten Harket was so gorgeous. And their songs were brilliant. Also, my four sisters were mad about them and wouldn’t let me borrow their copies so I had to buy my own.

Ben Glover

The first album I purchased was “The Best Of Buddy Holly” after hearing his song “Everyday” in a film. I must have been about 12, can’t recall the film, but do remember it being the first time I actually had a compulsion to put my pocket-money into a record.

Messiah J and the Expert

The first album i bought was Michael Jackson BAD. I tried to learn off every word using the old ‘pause play’ method nd a scrap of paper. I remember my cousin slagging me off for having makie up words in all the songs and saying speed demon was the best track on it. Great album. side a 5 songs, side b 5 songs….can’t go wrong!

Shana Levy (let’s go Sailing)

The first album I bought was Synchronicity by The Police. I was pretty obsessed with MTV and the video for “wrapped around your finger” was amazing.  Not to mention I thought Sting would want to be my boyfriend despite the massive age difference and the fact that I was prepubescent.

Ricky McAuley (Panama Kings)

The first album i bought was nevermind by nirvana. This album has a great sense of drive and power from a drummers point of view. each song is magical!

Gentry Morris

The first album I ever bought was “Recovering The Satellites” by Counting Crows. I got hooked on that “Long December” song and bought the album right away…I think I must have been about 12 or 13 when it came out and it really jump started me wanting to write music.

Rory Nellis

The first album I bought was ‘The Muppet Show’ album (I was in to music from a very young age).  I remember vividly my sister taking me to Our Price with my saved up pocket money to get hold of the masterpiece.  Granted, it didn’t teach me everything I know about music, but I did learn what it was to own ‘recorded’ music.  I just pulled it out again and it still stands up.

Manda Rin

The first album I bought was Madonna – Like a Virgin.  I was an 80’s child growing up, so you can’t go wrong with that album!  It was on cassette though which is very strange to think of now as I don’t even have a cassette player.

Rosie and the Goldbug

It was Californiacation by the Chillies. I listened to it on repeat. My flat mates hated me. I had to get my moneys worth. The cd was scratched to hell. I learnt where it skipped and shuffled over those bits.

Beth Rowley

The first album I bought was The Bodyguard soundtrack on cassette- I must have been 8 or 9…I recently bought it again and its pretty funny…a real nostalgia trip.

Juliet Turner

first album was the Everly Brothers Greatest Hits. My sisters and I listened to it non stop on holiday one summer and we still do the most emotive cover version of Ebony Eyes you have ever heard, with tear-inducing harmonies and we even include the announcement from the air traffic control tower.

Over to You:

A massive thanks for all the artists who took part it is interesting to see where it all started. Now it is over to you. What was the first album you bought and why?


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