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Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) for WordPress

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) for WordPress

WordPress has become the most popular application of all time that has been powering many blogs online for quite some time now. Storage space on the online medias is pretty hard to manage as you run short of space all the time. The storage space that you usually get is expensive enough for you to afford so you are left with limited options only.

S3 is the acronym to Simple Storage Service and has been offered by Amazon. You can have enough storage space online for your WordPress powered blog where you can add files of your choice. S3 has come up as a cost effective product compared to all other options available around the online world. This helps you manage a lot of traffic such as traffic that gets to you through Digg's front page. You need not to develop and set up an infrastructure that will deliver information from your end to the other end.

The plug-in integrates with your blog that is being powered by WordPress getting you desired options. You can upload files automatically that they are saved into the Amazon S3 bucket without any pain. The web host needs not to cater all these files therefore it saves you the extra cost that you are going to pay for media storage on your hosing service. Even smaller bits of this information including the thumbnails are stored into the Amazon S3 bucket.

The regular upload section is going to have an additional Amazon S3 tab just to get you through all the files and media that you have already stored on your WordPress.

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