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The Very Best Things to do in Santorini

The Very Best Things to do in Santorini

#10 Sunset from the Castle of Oia

I know we said it is crowded, but there is a reason this is the place to watch the sunset on Santorini.

Sitting in the ruins of the Santorini Castle to watch the sun go down over the windmills and caldera of Santorini is a spectacular evening. Sneak a bottle of wine to sip in style as you relax in the festive atmosphere.

Enjoy a sunset wine tour of Santorini to take in spectacular views.

#11 Walk from Oia to Fira (or Vice Versa)

santorini what to do walk from oia to imerovigli

We actually walked from Imerovigli to Oia since we were staying at the time in Imerovigli but one of the amazing things to do in Santorini is to hike from Fira through Imerovigli and Firostefani to Oia.

It’s such a fun way to take in the different villages and all the different views from the caldera.

#12 Three Bells of Fira

three bells of Fira

Next to the Blue Domes of Oia, the Three Bells of Fira are the most photographed site on Santorini.

#13 Museum of Prehistoric Thera

akritori from the sea

If you like museums this is a good stop to see the finds from excavations of Akritori.

The most notable find? Fossilized olive tree leaves from within the caldera.

#14 Shopping in Fira

santorini things to do shopping at markets

Fira is by far the busiest of towns in Santorini with cruise ships coming in here at the port and passengers taking the gondola or doing donkey rides up from the water.

While there is lots of shopping in Oia as well, Fira is the place to find your souvenirs.

#15 Perissa

where to visit in santorini perissa

Perissa has its own blue domes that rival Oia

The Church Holy Cross in Perissa was a highlight of our walk through the village.

Perissa is 15 km south of Fira and if you want to enjoy beach life, this is a good spot to make a base.

It has the alleyways and beauty of Oia without the crowds. Perissa is still very busy since it is close to Black Beach, but it another great place to explore.

#16 Take a Wine Tour

santorini things to do wine tours

Santorini has a surprising number of wineries for one single island. Wine tours are popular on Santorini and are an excellent way to explore more of the island while soaking in the culture.

#17 Greek Cooking Class

santorini things to do cooking class

Learning to cook Greek food was one of the best things we ever did. We take a lot of cooking classes whenever we travel and Greek food is the best!

When you learn how to make iconic food in the destination, it makes for a special experience when you come home to relive your Santorini vacation.

So take a cooking class in Santorini that includes wine tasting at two wineries and a chance to sample your hard work at the end!

#18 Eat Yogurt

eat yorgurt

Ever since those Oikos commercials where the woman daydreams about eating yogurt in Santorini have I wanted to do the same.

It was a dream come true to have Greek yogurt with fresh Santorini honey drizzled atop my bowl filled with fresh the fresh and delicious treat!

Yogurt really does taste better in Santorini

#19 Pygros

Pygros, Santorini Photography Guide

Backstreets of Pygros, a quieter side of the island

This is definitely the quietest town we visited in Santorini. Located high on a hill it offers excellent views of the island.

We got lost wandering its back streets. We barely saw another tourist while exploring Pygros and we even came across some blue domes of its own.

#20 Explore Megalohori

In the town of Megalohori, we had our own villa with a private pool.

This town feels like a spot where the locals live.

Here we had the chance to shop for local cuisine and wine.

Explore the traditional villages tour of Santorini ending with sunset in Oia

#21 Akrotiri

ruins of santorini

Greece is known for its ancient ruins and Santorini is no exception. The ruins of Akrotiri date back to the Bronz Age (3000 – 1200 BC). Because it was buried by ash of a volcanic eruption, the anqiquities and frescoes are quite well preserved.

While this is a popular tourist attraction, visiting the town of Akrotiri is also a must. Not a lot of people spend time in the village so it has a nice small village feel.

#22 Rent a Car to See the Island

rent a car in santorini

There are many villages to see on Santorini and the best way to really explore the island is to rent a car.

We got a steal in the offseason on a small budget car and set out each day to explore somewhere new. It’s a way to find secluded beaches, quiet restaurants, and hidden markets.

Browse more Santorini accommodation at Santorini Villas

So what do you think? There Really is a lot of things to do in Santorini right?

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