Natural Skin Care – 3 Steps to Reading Labels

Natural Skin Care – 3 Steps to Reading Labels

So, you are concerned about what you are putting on your face, but are not sure how to read labels. Discerning between synthetic and natural ingredients can sometimes feel like you need a chemistry degree. No worries, we are going to cover three quick tips to help you get on your way to being "label literate." We want to remind everyone this list is not intended to be exhaustive, just a beginning point to start learning more about reading labels.

1) Can you pronounce it? All essential names have to be listed in the official INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) form. And if you are like me, you spent most of your time in Chemistry wishing the class were over or flirting with your lab partner, so you would not be able to interpret the ingredient list if your life depended on it. Most natural skin care companies will put the everyday name (if there is one) in parentheses behind the formal name.

2) Does the product list "fragrance" as an ingredient? There are many loopholes around fragrance in the name of trade secrets and most times these fragments are not natural. To be on the safe side, avoid products that have fragrances listed as an ingredient.

3) Does it have a USDA Organic Stamp on it? Now this one can be tricky. All natural products are not necessarily USDA Organic but if it has the USDA Organic stamp you can be sure it's safe. One benefit to learning to read labels is that you do not have to rely on this stamp. Many small manufacturers simply can not afford certification but still have perfectly safe and effective natural product offerings.

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