Skin Care Tips and Techniques

Skin Care Tips and Techniques

There are three different types of skin; Type 1 – Sensitive, Type 2 – Normal and Type 3 – Oily

Sensitive: Such types have little protection against the sun and are prone to allergies. They need to be treated with gentle products containing extra moisture.

Normal: This type is either too oily nor dry. The moisture content is well-balanced. It needs general maintenance against natural elements.

Oily: This type has excess oil which shows on the surface and has less wrinkles. As it is prone to acne, it needs special treatment.

Basic Skin Care

There are a whole lot of products catering to skin care available, which makes choosing the right one a tough task. The basic three steps to skin care are: Cleansing, Exfoliating and Protection. Here are some tips on skincare.

Cleansing: Non-soap cleansers are good for type 1 skins. They need to be gentle on the skin. Fruit sugars and hydrating ingredients, aloe and cucumber work well for such skin types.

Type 2 skins have a better array of skin products to choose from. Cleansing gels, creams and bars can be used on such skins. Lactic, glycolic and fruit acid complexes can be added to cleansers.

Gel based cleansers are good for type 3 skin types. Since such skins produce excess oil, cleansers with added salicylic acid help reduce oil and blemishes. Tea tree oils act as an antimicrobial against acne.

Exfoliating: Type 1 skins need mild exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. This allows moisturizers and other skin product to work efficiently. Keep away from strong acids (glycolic, salicylic), clay masks and granules.

Alphahydroxy acids in a gel base or as an astringent, with strengths up to 10%, are good for skin 2 types. Removing dead skin cells from the surface stimulates new cell growth, which gives skin a healthy look.

Oily skins need extra care. Scrubbing will cause harm to the already inflated skin. Vitamin A and glycolic exfoliate skin and reduce oil secretions.

Protection: Sensitive skins need products that have chemical-free sunscreen protection and moisture enhancing agents. Vitamin E, calendula and lavender are good additives.

Type 2 skins do well with multi-functional products containing sunscreen. Tinted moisture products are suitable too.

Oil-free and chemical-free moisturizers and sunscreens are best suitable to type 3 skins. Micronized titanium dioxide and salicylic acid in sunscreens are good for such skin types.

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