Great 50s Skin Care Tips

Great 50s Skin Care Tips

When a woman reaches her fifties, the skin changes she noticed in her forties becomes more noticeable. If an anti-aging skincare routine was not on the forties agenda, there's still time to recapture that luminous glow right now.

Skin ages at different phases for each individual person. But in time, the most common skin changes that occur are:

• Dry and duller skin appearance
• Blotches and sun spots
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Loss of collagen
• Slack skin on the neck and décolletage areas

The above points happen for a number of reasons: slower cell turnover, loss of skin elasticity, lack of collagen production, sun damage, or even a drop in estrogen which decrees oil production. Each of these areas may cause the face and neck skin structure to change.

Professionals encourage anti-aging products during this time. And starting this regimen even before fine lines start appearing is also a good thing – prevention is everything when it comes to maturing skin.

Here are a handful of "purchase tips" to get started for that line of defense:

• DNA Repair Serum / Cream / Lotions
• Exfoliator
• Moisturizer
• Pigmentation corrector
• Retinoid
• Soap-free cleanser
• Sunscreen

Recently, DNA repair treatments have been some learning some merit in the world of science. It's been shown to recover years of damage done to the skin while helping to delay future signs of aging. While every DNA repair product variates with its ingredients, the majority of them repair enzymes and offer antioxidant benefits, as well.

Regularly exfoliating is another surefire way to keep skin looking young. While it's natural to have some dead skin cells fall off on their own, the remaining ones may need a little help with an exfoliation process.

Moisturizers help hydrate the skin while it plumps up fine lines. Moisturizers with anti-aging properties such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid, and alpha hydroxy acids can really boost some fantastic results.

Uneven pigmentation can appear as age spots, freckles, and blotches. Sun exposure is the leading cause of hyper pigmentation. For years, hydroquinone has shown the best results for skin pigmentation challenges.

Another highly washed after product is retinol. This incredible formula promotes collagen production which lessens fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin cleansing is extremely important when it comes to skin care. A clean face allows anti-aging products the ability to penetrate and do the work it was meant to do. A non-soap cleanser is a good choice since it will not dry out the skin.

Last but certainly not least, sunscreen is at the top of any skin care regimen. Sun damage can break down collagen which causes premature aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles. Before heading outside, use a solar defense to stay protected and beautiful.

Anti-aging skin care is a wonderful pathway abundant with amazing products and selections. Before adding any new ingredients to a skin care routine, please team up with a skin care professional to obtain the best results ever.

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