Winter Skin Care – How to Keep Skin From Drying?

Winter Skin Care – How to Keep Skin From Drying?

The low humidity is common during the winter causing dry and irritated skin. Dry skin is pure to eczema. That is the reason we thought about writing down some good tips about winter skin care for our readers.

Closed door and heat inside the room tends to make atmosphere drier making dryness and eczema even worse. It is recommended to use humidifier to maintain moisture in the atmosphere. Balanced humidity in the air keeps skin from drying and itching

Better switch to oil based moisture to hold the moisture on the surface. It will help to maintain moisture level on the skin. Ointment based moisturizers are good deal as they consist of 80% oil and 20% water. The water in oil emulsion forms a protective shield around the skin.

Before going outside in winter:
Apply adequate amount of moisturizer based spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to the face, hands and other exposed areas of skin. Layer of sunscreen lotion acts as barrier against the harsh elements; Today, several products are available that are made up of oily, moisturizing cream with sunscreen. In case you are unsure of which product to use, ask a dermatologist.

Grab gloves
Gloves could really be helpful protecting hands from the cold air. Make sure the material used in making gloves is gentle to your skin and it does not irritates you skin. Some people find that wearing a cotton mitten next to the skin and a woolen mitten over the cotton one, keeps hands warm and dry.

Dress in layers.
Sweating and overheating causes scratch / itch cycle. Layers of basic cloths allow you to remove few in-case of overheating. Make sure you sport loose-fitting cotton Cloth.

Remove wet fabrics and foot wears immediately. Wetness could trigger irritation and flare-up the skin.

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