40 Best Travel Tips from The World’s Top Travel Couple

40 Best Travel Tips from The World’s Top Travel Couple

10. Travel Responsibly

Some tours or excursions seem like a good idea at the time. But then when you are on them, you realize that the excursion you took has a negative impact on the environment, the wildlife or the culture.

Is the tour company you are traveling with responsible?

When on a wildlife safari, is your guide harassing the animals, chasing the animals or interacting with the animals?

You are there to observe. If wildlife doesn’t want to be around, don’t chase it. If your guide does do something you don’t like, tell him so. T

They often think they need to pick up the turtle or chase the dolphins to make the tourists happy or get a tip. Speak up and say no.

Those elephant rides you are taking may have started by abusing the elephant.

Don’t ride them. Instead, go to a sanctuary. Don’t support zoos, support conservation areas, and sanctuaries.

The same goes for indigenous culture. Is a culture being exploited by tourists snapping photographs like it is a human zoo?

Are they stuck putting on a show rather than inviting you into their community?

Don’t take a tour that simply drives through a neighborhood and keeps you behind the glass as you gawk at the people on the street.

Hire a local guide who will walk you through their home and let you meet and talk to the people.

We made a lot of mistakes in our early years of travel and that is why we really wanted to share these tips on travel.

We rode elephants, we went on safaris that seemed to chase animals more than observe, we went on tours that exploited cultures.

But as we learned and became more aware, we became more responsible and now share the impact we have when traveling.

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