How to Get Rid of Skin Tags at Home

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags at Home

If you have been looking for a way to get rid of skin tags then you have two choices:

  • go to the doctor, or
  • use some effective skin tag (ST) remover yourself at home.

Going to the doctor can set you back a lot of cash and takes time and patience. The procedure can also cause considering discomfort and leave marks. That's because medical practices will typically freeze them off – useful to get rid of skin tags but it is an unsuccessful procedure at best.

Alternately you could try to get rid of skin tag s at home but what is the surest method? There's a lot of odd notions being discussed about how to get rid of them so we'd better discuss these methods first.

First, let's look at the much talked about "remedy" which involves tying them employing thread. The purpose of this technique is that it cuts off the blood supply to the skin tag. Here is the skin tag slowly dies, goes black, and will come off.

As you probably can guess, there is no guarantee that this will work. It could result in scars assuming it removes them at all. This odd procedure can only work on large ST's that are shaped so that are able to be completely strangulated with thread.

Therefore if it would not bother you walking around with dye skin tags and thread haning off you then it might be OK to try this procedure. More to the point, I would not support this procedure for home removal.

Yet another suggested procedure is simply to cut off the offending ST's with a scissors. I would not promote this approach either.

First of all they will usually bleed when cut off – like geysers – which can make a mess. When areas are ever stopping bleeding they will scab over. Trading ST's for scabs … hmmm … no such a great deal. Mind you, when the scabs ever fall off scarring may occur.

The problem with this technique is that you'll get an infection. You'll know if the area becomes red and sore. You will have to visit the local hospital in order to have it treated.

The easiest, safest, and quickest way to get rid of skin tags at home [] is to treat them with natural removal oil. Just place a small dab of oil on the ones you want removed each day and in a week or so they will just dry up and fall off without any complications.

Seeing what some of the other methods result in, using natural oil is the only procedure I would suggest.

Remover oil is simple to order and is very cheap compared to medical procedures. A small vile will get rid of many skin tags.

This is clearly the easiest way to remove ST's at home without complications.

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