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The Wonders Of WordPress Blogging

The Wonders Of WordPress Blogging

I built my first WordPress blog just a few short months back. I've had a blogger account up for a couple years now but I never built my own custom blog configuration. With some of my sites I even use blogger to upload files direct to my own domain but I never realized the power in installing my own WordPress blog until I got into This site great fast and I know that the tools I used in the blog were an important part of it's success and growth. With this site I have developed WordPress more into a Content Management System (CMS) by adding features such as the forum and the CopperMine Gallery scripts. I'll write more about those integrations at a later time but for now let me tell you why I love WordPress.

I guess the first things one notices with WordPress is just how easy it makes web publishing. I built my first website in 1997 and since those days it has become almost too easy for anyone to publish anything online. The rise of the blogosphere and power wielded by elite bloggers has been awesome. Bloggers have stuck fear in the ruling power structure. Newspapers are on edge over lost strength in news and politicians are flipping over what the influence bloggers have on elections. I do not fancy myself a powerful blogger or political activist but I do understand business and WordPress is a business tool for me.

I have taken this blogging software and adapted it to my own needs with a variety of free plugins from WordPress developers and the community as a whole. Another piece of beautiful open source software has established a strong business site for me at little or no cost beyond my time and efforts. I have learned quite a bit about web development in the past few months just by playing around with this tool and all it's wonderful features. I think the SEO advantages to running a WordPress blog are worth the time and learning curve on their own. Built in features such as SEO friendly " PermaLinks " and " RSS Feeds " have shown a great benefit in getting the site spidered and content indexed properly. The "Google Sitemap plugin" and "Ultimate Tag Warrior" are awesome and powerful tools you can pick up for free on the web.

WordPress is a simple easy to use blogging solution that empowers us all to be better writers and offers anyone the chance to be a professional blogger.

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