4 Top Tips On Taking Dog Portraits At The Beach

4 Top Tips On Taking Dog Portraits At The Beach

Learn how to take better photos of your dog at the beach with the help of these simple photography tips.

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Photo by Daniel Bell


Every dog owner likes taking their dog to the seaside. Some beaches do stop dogs going on the sand so check before you step foot on it.


1. How To Start?

Your approach will be dictated to a degree by your pet. Some dogs will sit and pose happily for hours for a treat; others need to be worn out with exercise before staying put for any period of time. Take the approach that suits you best.

2. Think Like You Would For A Shot Of A Person

Treat photographing dogs as you would a person. Consider the background and the composition as well as the subject itself. Use camera settings to make the most of the opportunity too. Wide apertures to throw the background out of focus and slow shutter speeds for deliberate blur. Relatively slow shutter speeds work well too if your dog has gone for a dip and emerges to shake itself dry. Add some backlighting, perhaps with a blip of flash from the camera’s on-board unit, and you have a nice picture.


Dogs at the beach

Photos by Daniel Bell


3. Capture Movement

For action shots of your pet running, try manually pre-focusing on a particular spot and when your dog runs into it, press the shutter. You’ll also need a reasonably fast shutter if you want to capture them running along the beach.

Having someone with you will definitely help when you’re trying to capture action shots as you can ask them to call for the dog while you concentrate on shooting.

4. Longer Lenses

You may find that using a long zoom makes it easier to capture shots of your dog as they will be less aware of what you’re doing and won’t try and play with your camera and lens. With longer lenses, use a wider aperture to create a shallow depth-of-field.

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