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How to Embrace MINIMALISM for IMPROVED Landscape Photos [video]

How to Embrace MINIMALISM for IMPROVED Landscape Photos [video]

In this video from Mark Denney, he looks at how embracing Minimalism can improve your Landscape Photography.

Mark uses some of his photos to illustrate some of the following points:

5 tips for achieving minimalist landscape photography

1. Include an obvious subject

Use an obvious subject without filling the frame with it. It draws the viewer’s eye in.

2. Expansive Composition

Use a lot of negative space around your subject to make your subject stand out further.

3. Minimizing color

Color can be distracting (if there are many colors) in a minimalist composition. Many minimalist photos are black and white, quite monotone or only make use of a few colors so that the composition is not busy.

4. Use of light and shadows

Consider using dappled light, striped light, or spots of light so that light is the main subject in the scene. This can work well for minimalist photography.

5. Keep it simple

Think differently and outside the box, but keep it simple. Look for a distraction-free palette to work with. Often it is more about what you don’t have in the frame rather than what you do.

So shake up your focus with your landscape photography, and give Minimalism a try. If you are interested in learning more about Landscape Photography, check out our Landscape and Nature Course!


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