10 Awesome Online Photography Classes To Improve Your Photos • Expert Vagabond

10 Awesome Online Photography Classes To Improve Your Photos • Expert Vagabond

Best Online Photography Classes of 2020
Photography Tips

Want to become a better photographer? Stuck at home in lock-down? Try joining these great online photography classes & courses created by pros to improve your photos.

So, you’ve bought a nice camera. You’ve watched a few YouTube videos.

But why doesn’t your Instagram look as good as other photographers’?

Well, aside from the many years of experience and practice they have under their belts, another likely reason is the hundreds of hours they’ve probably spent working under mentors, attending workshops, taking college courses, or joining online photography classes.

The key to getting better at something — is to never stop learning.

Even after 10-years working as a freelance travel photographer, I’m still actively learning new techniques to improve my images. Photography classes, courses, and tutorials are a big part of this.

So I wanted to share some of my favorite online photography courses.

These photo tutorials go into extreme detail on topics like planning, composition, advanced techniques (focus stacking, time-lapses, long exposure, etc.) post-processing skills, social media tips, and even making money with your photography.

There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on a college photography degree when you can study from home using these great online photography courses produced by working professionals.

The perfect way to kill some time during this worldwide pandemic we’re in.

Best Online Photography Classes

5DayDeal Photography Tutorials

The biggest photography tutorial deal of the year is happening right now! Every year, the guys at 5DayDeal.com put together a MASSIVE bundle of photography classes from some of the world’s top photographers in multiple genres like landscape, travel, fashion, portraits, and more.

This is actually 26 different tutorials & courses worth $2,700 — for only $89.

That’s a 96% discount off the regular price if you bought them all independently…

As per the name, the 5DayDeal Photography Bundle is only available between October 15th to October 20th, 2020. For 5-days only.


Some of the highlights for me in this bundle include courses like:

  • Time Blending & Complex Masking By Mads Peter Iversen
  • How To Photograph Landscapes In Any Lighting By Nigel Danson
  • Jimmy’s Big 5 Photos Course By Jimmy McIntyre
  • Capture The Night By Ryan Dyar
  • Beautiful World Foundations By Jessica Drossin

But in total, there are 26 different photography tutorials/courses/presets that you get when you purchase this bundle. Plus 10% of every bundle purchase is donated to charity.

As part of the deal, there’s also a free photography giveaway worth over $10,000 (featuring Peak Design Travel Tripods, camera backpacks, a 13″ MacBook Pro, and more!)

TO SWEETEN THE DEAL: If you buy the bundle using my link below, I’ll also throw in a FREE online webinar where you can watch me edit one of my favorite travel photos in real time!

Buy The Photography Bundle Here →

By Daniel Kordan

Daniel Kordan Landscape Tutorial

Daniel Kordan is one of my favorite landscape photographers, and he has an online photography tutorial called Landscape Photography In Depth that shows exactly how he creates his incredible images in a series of videos.

It takes a lot more work than you think it does! I spent many hours watching this course, and learned a lot about scouting locations and post-processing techniques. One of the best tutorials out there.

Buy Daniel Kordan’s Course Here →

By Alex Strohl

Adventure Photography Online Course

Alex Strohl is one of my favorite outdoor adventure photographers, so when I learned he created his own online photography class called Adventure Photography Pro, I signed up ASAP! Alex shoots professionally for some HUGE brands, so it was super interesting to learn about this part of his business (along with actual examples on location with clients).

He spends a lot of time going over the storytelling process, the importance of planning & scouting before shooting, reaching out to potential clients, building an audience, his editing techniques, and much more. Make sure to use my discount code VAGABOND20 to get 20% off the price!


Buy Alex Strohl’s Course Here →

By Chris Burkard

Business of Photography Class

Chris Burkard, if you’ve been living under a rock, is one of the most accomplished travel & adventure photographers out there right now. Not only is his photography incredible, his business chops have made him a household name.

From prints, to books, to movies, to huge commercial projects with brands like Apple, Toyota, Sony, The North Face, Patagonia, CitiBank, Microsoft, Volkswagen — Chris seems to do it all!

Well, now you can too, with his Business Of Photography Course that explains when and how to grow your business, diversifying revenue, working with agents, modern marketing techniques, and more. Make sure to use my discount code VAGABOND20 to get 20% off the price!


Buy Chris Burkard’s Course Here →

By Charly Savely

Wildlife Photography Course

Professional wildlife photographer Charly Savely captures some of the most incredible photos of animals I’ve ever seen. And, she’s recently decided to share her secrets with the world through her online Wildlife Photography Workshop recorded in Alaska’s Katmai National Park.

Learn how she chooses her lenses, framing for impact, camera settings for handheld or tripod use, using art to influence your style, where to find wildlife, how to photograph animals safely, shooting in the cold, and how she edits her images for an emotional reaction. Make sure to use my discount code VAGABOND20 to get 20% off the price!


Buy Charly Savely’s Course Here →

By Andrew Kerns

Online Lightroom & Photoshop Class

Every professional photographer uses post-processing techniques to make their images stand out. In fact, editing & post-processing your images is a major part of the photography workflow. You can’t ignore mastering the skills of photography software if you want to make a living with photography!

Luckily Andrew Kerns put together an amazing online class to help you learn the latest Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop techniques that professionals like him use: manipulating luminance, contrast, color, curves, split-toning, re-touching tips and much more. Make sure to use my discount code VAGABOND20 to get 20% off the price!


Buy Andrew Kern’s Course Here →

By Lola Akinmade

A To Z Photography Class

Lola Akinmade is an award-winning travel photographer who’s work is regularly published by brands like: National Geographic Traveller, Travel & Leisure, The New York Times, Vogue, Outside, Smithsonian Journeys, the BBC, and The Telegraph to name just a few.

She’s also put together an excellent online photography class that goes into detail about HOW to sell your photos to these types of organizations. From approaching brands, how to deal with copyrights, working with editors, obtaining model releases, seeking out grants and much more.

Buy Lola Akinmade’s Course Here →

By Elia Locardi

World Photography Course

Elia Locardi is a very successful landscape photographer who’s been traveling the world for years. His course Photographing The World is packed full of tips & post-processing techniques he uses to create his landscape and travel photography.

With 15 lessons and more than 12 hours of video content, his photography tutorial takes you from the on-location capture (in places like Iceland & New Zealand) all the way through his post-processing techniques in the studio.

Buy Elia Locardi’s Course Here →

By Laurence Norah

The Travel Photography Course

Want to learn how to compose a better image while telling a story with your camera? Or the technical side of photography like understanding what aperture, shutter speed and ISO really do? These are just some of the topics travel photographer Laurence Norah goes over in his Travel Photography Course.

The course is structured well for complete beginners to photography, but with helpful tips for the business and professional side of things too. With 10 weeks of content and over 60 individual lessons, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy!

Buy Laurence Norah’s Course Here →

Free YouTube Photography Tutorials?

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for new Adventure Travel Videos!

Yes, there are thousands of free photography tutorials on YouTube (in fact, here’s one of mine!) While you can certainly learn from them, I find that investing in a paid course provides the highest quality experience.

Maybe I’ll share some of my favorite free photography tutorials in a future article. Because there’s a lot of crap on YouTube too…

The BEST online photography courses demand a TON of time and knowledge to put together, and when done well, they’re just as useful as working under a mentor or taking classes in person.

Developing Your Photography Style

Travel Photographer Matthew Karsten
Shooting Waterfalls in Hawaii

One of the most important aspects of becoming a professional photographer is developing your own personal style of photography. Whether that’s subject matter, editing style, or both.

By learning from other photographers through online classes, you can pick and choose parts of their workflow and style that you like, then adjust for your own use. We all get inspiration from others — it’s just the nature of art.

Learn as much as you can about the craft, then use that knowledge to develop your own signature look and make your work stand out! ★

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Awesome Online Photography Classes To Improve Your Photos! More at ExpertVagabond.com
Awesome Online Photography Classes To Improve Your Photos! More at ExpertVagabond.com


I hope you enjoyed my guide to the best online photography classes! Hopefully you found it useful. Here are a few more photography articles that I recommend you read next:

Have any questions about these online photo courses? Any good ones I missed? Drop me a message in the comments below!

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