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It all began in 1976 when Larry Mullen pinned a ‘musicians wanted’ ad to the notice board at Dublin’s Mount Temple School: Drummer seeks musicians to form band. On Saturday 25th September 1976 the early shoots of U2 convened in Larry Mullen’s kitchen in Artane. And that’s where it started. Alongside Larry and Co another band were attempting to make a name for themselves, this time fronted by Neil McCormick. For Neil it was different, we all went to school with friends who’ve turned out more successful than ourselves. But they don’t all phone from improbably glamorous places and...

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4 Things to Do to Make Traveling Around the World More Fun

The moments from my travels that I remember without the need to look at the photos are those when I had the the most fun. While planning a trip is important, it should not be so restrictive that it limits your experience while putting you in constant worry mode. Traveling is all about the experience and this doesn’t just apply to the visual side of things. If you want to have fun while traveling, you have to loosen up and restrict your planning a little bit. All I want to say is that you need to leave some space...

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Pumpkin Beer Bread | A Perfect Pumpkin Side Dish OR Dessert

Pumpkin Beer Bread is a soft, sweet pumpkin bread recipe that is the perfect side dish for your holiday table or breakfast cake! Just when you thought there were no new ways to enjoy pumpkin, pumpkin cake, pumpkin blondies, pumpkin biscuits…I decide to go and share a fantastically easy Pumpkin Honey Beer Bread Recipe with you. This is one of those recipes that can go with pretty much everything…it can be a sweet bread side dish in the same vein as my Southern Pecan Bread, or it can easily be enjoyed with a cup of coffee for breakfast. It’s...

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Taking Care Of Your Leather Cord Necklace

Today jewelry is seen as a valuable, popular and the most elegant type of accessory which are for both men and women. Leather cord necklaces are said to be one of the most popular type of jewelry. Maintaining of jewelry is very important if one wishes to maintain the shine of their jewelry. Cleaning and maintaining of leather cord necklaces can be very challenging for anyone and may require one to buy specialized cleaning products which are very expensive. Tips For Maintaining Your Leather Cord Necklace If treated well, your leather cord necklace will last a long time. Most...

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Search Engine Optimization for Your Blog

I'm sure you have read many articles about search engine optimization for websites and portals. How about your own blog? Can you apply the conventional SEO techniques on your blog? The answer is "Yes", you can. Blog has become increasingly popular these days because of its flexibility and easy content management. Blogs and blog posts are generally search engine friendly because they are rich in text, links and unique information. And in general Blogs are known to the search engines as daily snippets of information that are updated on a regular basis, so they get a lot of priority...

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