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Benefits of Having a WordPress Blog Versus a Free Blog

The decision to move my blog content from a free service to a WordPress blog was a necessary but none the less difficult one. When I lost my job and made the decision to pursue working from home using the internet to set up a few income streams I was cash busted. My lack of employment was unexpected and I needed to keep an eye on every dollar spent from our now decreased budget. I had watched a free video series “Building on a Budget” that gave me helpful ideas on how to set up my online business on...

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Grilled Clams in Foil | Skinnytaste

2 Freestyle Points 219 Calories Grilled clams cooked in foil packets with zucchini and tomatoes in a garlic white wine sauce – so fast and easy, perfect to make all summer long! Grilled Clams in Foil Clams are tender and juicy, and taste sweetly briny. They’re easy to cook by steaming on the grill in foil packets, and are delicious eaten in or out of the shell. If you want a fast meal, this dish take about 10 minutes to make, and even less time to to clean-up! When I mentioned in this Shrimp Scampi Foil Pack recipe, that...

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The USA has no chill: here are 9 reasons why…

Okay, we admit it, we can sometimes be a bit extra. Over the top. Loud, bright and bold. But can the world blame us? We birthed Hollywood, Walt Disney World, the world’s largest burger, the first man on the moon, and for a while there, the world’s tallest building! We’re big and bold, and we LOVE it. So here we are to embrace it & list 9 extra amazing things we have to offer the world… have you ticked any off your list? The Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota Yes, that’s right, we actually have a Corn Palace...

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Successful Steps to Get Rid of Your Acne

People dread having acne. Without a doubt, having acne brings about terrible memories of embarrassment. People who have acne end up with swelled and reddish skin that may be quite itchy and irritating. Other than that, acne can cause blemishes and scars that are hard to remove. Fortunately, there are various acne treatment options that are available these days. You just have to find one that will suit your particular skin type. Review your skin care routine How many times do you wash your face on a daily basis? Do you wash frequently or only when you feel the...

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5 Alternative Ways To Photograph A Waterfall

Waterfalls, the pools of water in front of them and streams will always be popular photographic subjects but just because everyone’s taking photos of these photogenic landscape spots doesn’t mean all of your shots have to be the same as the next photographer who comes along. With this in-mind,let us share a few tips with you on how to shoot waterfall shots that have a bit of a twist.    1. Capture More Close-Up Shots Instead of capturing the whole scene why not focus on a small area of the waterfall. Focus on movement and colour rather than a...

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