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Long Exposure Photography 201 – How to Edit a Long Exposure Seascape

In case you missed it, in an earlier article I introduced you to the 101’s of Long Exposure Photography, provided a checklist of the essential equipment, and detailed the exact steps to follow so you can capture a long exposure photograph. In this article, I will share a precise workflow that you can use to process your long exposure photographs. Long exposure seascape after editing. Straight out of the camera (SOOC) Long exposure photographs, when imported straight out of the camera are, in many ways, a lot like rough diamonds. Sadly, in most cases, the price tag usually isn’t...

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Available For Pre-Order

Visiting The Photography Show 2018? Take a look at our Exhibitor Guide so you can plan before you go! News / Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Available For Pre-Order Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Available For Pre-Order – Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus available for pre-order from Amazon UK, from £739 sim-free. Posted : 7 Mar 2018 11:29AM by ePHOTOzine   Add Comment Announced just over a week ago, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are already available for pre-order from Amazon UK, priced at £739 sim-free and £869 sim-free.  The S9 and S9 Plus update the S8, with a new variable aperture 12mp camera with OIS, which can be switched between f/1.5 and f/2.4. This not only makes it the first smartphone camera available with a variable aperture, but it’s also the brightest available, with an f/1.5 aperture. The S9 Plus has a secondary telephoto camera with f/2.4 and OIS. Both smartphones have manual controls, and you can manually switch between the two apertures. Orders will ship on the 9th of March. Explore More Other articles you might find interesting… There are no comments here! Be the first! Created by: Article...

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Syrp Genie Mini Review at The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Time-lapse video can be a great way to communicate the passing of a prolonged period of time. Many modern cameras come with built in intervalometer options but a time-lapse from a static position can quickly become dull if it runs for more than one or two seconds. The Syrp Genie Mini makes things a little more interesting, combining an intervalometer control with rotational movement and better still, it is remarkably easy to use. Syrp Genie Mini My first experiment with the Syrp Geni Mini involved a trip to Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway situated on the North Antrim coast. Arriving...

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Options to Consider When Buying a High Speed Camera

Options to Consider When Buying a High Speed Camera When shopping for the most suitable high-speed camera for a specific application, it is important to determine exactly which features you will need and what your budget will allow.  Despite what you are looking to achieve, it is necessary to understand certain parameters and how they will affect your camera choice. Several important technical aspects include the frame rate, shutter speed, and sensitivity. Knowing more about how these features work with typical high-speed camera applications will help you make the...

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How to Refresh Your Creativity by Shooting Digital with a Film Mindset

There exists a strange and long standing line drawn in the weird sands of the photo world. On one side of that line you have those who shoot only digital images and on the other, you have those who still swear by analog film. Then there’s a hazy gray area (probably 18% gray) where people like myself reside. Do you shoot film or digital? Seeing as this is Digital Photography School, I assume the answer to that question likely leans towards the latter. I started out on my photographic journey with a 35mm SLR, then moved to a DSLR...

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