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Why you need go on a festival tour this summer

Some things just feel better with music. Such as parties. And TRAVELING. Because let’s face it, without music, the world would just B flat, right? Collaborating with the music-mad crew at Beats Travel, STA Travel Beats are unique small group tours that are all about music, festivals and culture. From Iceland’s Secret Solstice to India’s Magnetic Fields festival, plus exclusive raves, sailing adventures and underground music events in between, we are back on the road this year with a killer lineup of festivals and music tours. Discover the world, discover new music, discover a new way of traveling. Let...

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Four Best WordPress Caching Plugins For Your WordPress Website

The present age is the age of the Internet. Without this versatile tool, it would be really difficult to imagine life as it exists today. Hence, the websites which you make should be fast loading as well, and so is the case with even a WordPress website. At this juncture, you will understand that a slow website can be a strong reason for a terrible user experience. Also, it could have a terrible influence on your search engine rankings. Fortunately, as a WordPress website owner or manager, you can make use of a caching plugin which can dramatically reduce...

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Broccoli sweet potato tikki recipe

Broccoli sweet potato tikki or patties with simple and minimum ingredients. Healthy tea time snack for kids and others at home. I like sweet potato a lot, the flavor, sweetness fibre it has. I really wish Aj eats it as it is good for health🤨. He never consumes it as such, so thought of making cutlet or tikki so as to make him consume sweet potato. I myself rarely buy sweet potato, though it is too tempting to buy when you see at supermarket, it will be only cooked just before it is about to go waste. If you...

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The Best Affordable Skin Care for Women Over 50 Has Just Been Revealed!

Many women 50 and over are looking for the best affordable skincare. The usual skin care for a 50 year old woman is not the same as a woman in her 20s and 30s. And though the use of makeup and other skincare products should be mild enough, other skin needs should not be taken for granted. Women normally go through the menopausal stage. Many changes inside her body will take place during this stage. There can be some health condition that will occur and even skin disorders like wrinkles and other signs of aging that most women of...

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Pic of the Week: Bruges, Belgium

On a stroll around town in Bruges, Belgium The Pic of the Week is drawn from photos submitted to the Solo Travel Society Facebook Group, providing an opportunity for solo travelers to share with us a favorite photo from their travels. This week’s photo was taken by STS member Dean in beautiful Bruges, Belgium. For more photos and solo travel stories about destinations around the world, most of which have been submitted by readers, check out our Solo Travel Destinations Page where you can search by country. If you are seeking accommodation in one of the 60+ countries we have covered, see the Solo Traveler...

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