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4 Top Tips On Exploring The Urban Jungle

Robin Whalley shares his city photography advice with us.  15 Jul 2019 12:10AM by ePHOTOzine |  Architecture For many of us, when we decide to get out and about with our cameras we automatically turn to the countryside. But with the majority of the population living within easy reach of a major Town or City, is that really the right decision? It’s great fun just walking around a city taking shots of literally everything but if you want to capture great images you need to go with a plan and a bag of kit including a couple of lenses and...

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Parasailing In Goa: Open Your Wings of Freedom!

“If you have an adventurous soul but your mind wants to relax amidst calm and serene nature, Goa is the place to go”. Open your wings, fly in the air, swim like a fish, race in water and party in luxurious cruises and make unforgettable memories while your stay in Goa. There are so many fun and adventurous beach activities which you can enjoy during your vacation in Goa and one of them is Parasailing. Parasailing or sky-gliding is an entertaining water sport with two significant instruments- parachute and a speedboat to pull the parachute. Goa which is very famous...

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Butterfinger Cookies | Easy Cookie Recipe with Butterfinger Candies

Butterfinger Cookies are a chewy, rich, buttery, and loaded with chopped Butterfinger candies. This is an easy cookie recipe for all the Butterfinger fans out there. You won’t be able to eat just one! Butterfinger Cookies Are Easy, Chewy, and Buttery! I feel like I don’t give Butterfingers a fair shot in the quest for top candy bar. I have always liked them, but they aren’t ever my first choice. But why? I don’t even know the answer to that! They are pretty much everything I love in a candy bar…crispy, buttery, kinda peanuty doesn’t actually have nuts, and...

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15 Best Mayan Ruins In Mexico (Archeological Sites) • Expert Vagabond

The Best Mayan Sites in Mexico! Mexico Culture One of my favorite parts about traveling in Mexico are all the interesting ancient Mayan ruins to explore. Here are the best Maya archeological sites that you don’t want to miss! Maya is a lifestyle; a community of settled people who have inhabited areas of Mexico and Central America since around 1800 BC. Many people assume the Maya were wiped out — which is not the case. The Maya community today totals around 7 million people who live by the traditions and are still native speakers of the Mayan language –...

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Thavala adai recipe, thavala adai ready mix

Thavala adai with a easy ready mix that you can prepare ahead and just mix with hot water to make delicious evening snack or a special dinner. Full video recipe. Another recipe which I have heard a lot and wanted to try for a long time. I was so happy and have no words to thank Pavithra vijayaraghavan who shared her mom’s way of making thavala adai. She even sent a picture of the end product on how it turns out. It is really tempting just by it looks and the procedure of making the adai. Recently I posted...

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