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Root Beer Float Sugar Cookies

These Root Beer Float Sugar Cookies bring a summertime staple in the form of a cookie. The root beer flavor is subtle, not too powerful, but enough of a flavor to transform a simple sugar cookie into a unique treat. Root beer floats are a summertime staple for me. When I was pregnant with my oldest (spent my entire third trimester in the summer) I CRAVED root beer like it nothing else. Ironically, my daughter came now OBSESSED with root beer. It is her favorite special drink. If you love root beer, these cookies are right up your alley....

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32 Tips You Need to Know

This is an update of our 32 tips for solo travel to China that was originally published in 2013. It has been extensively revised and expanded. I hope these tips help you have a fabulous trip to China. Westerners, in China, are known as “Big Noses.” Doesn’t sound too flattering does it? But learning this does put one in one’s place. We are the outsiders. We are the guests. And we should learn how to behave. Hopefully the tips below, which were gathered with the help of my fellow travelers, will help you navigate and negotiate China with grace as well as...

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Dry Skin Care – How to Improve Your Skin

Dry skin can cause an uncomfortable feeling and is usually unattractive, thus people with dry skin our looking for solutions to their problem. Dry skin is typically not a serious health problem, however it changes healthy skin cells into withered cells and often produces wrinkles. Some people have skin disorders categorized as ichtyosis which are severe dry skin conditions that are usually due to heredity. Dry skin does not have the ability to hold moisture. People with extreme dry skin have cracking signs that are noticeable. People with dry skin might notice their condition becoming worse when exposed to...

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How to Use WordPress for Beginners

Before I learned how to use WordPress, I struggled to make web pages using programs like SiteSpinner and text editors like Notepad. Thankfully those days are long gone and now non-programmers like me can work with one of the numerous available online platforms to create websites and pages – without trying to figure out cumbersome language like HTML. Using WordPress Is Like Working with Email or a Word Processor Most people by now have some sort of computer experience – whether they realize it or not. If you have done something as innocent as using a smartphone to send...

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