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Glorious Reasons to Visit Peru

Peru is a large country in South America. Natural beauty, history and culture are three of Peru’s best features! From the Miraflores tourist resorts in Lima to the ancient Incan world in Cusco –  Peru offers some of the best preserved ancient history to explore and amazing landscapes to see. In other words, there is so much to see and do!   Here Are a Few Activities to Add to Your Peruvian Itinerary  1. To Discover The Ancient World  The Incas and Quechuans left behind an abundance of ancient history in Peru. Unfortunately, much of it was destroyed at the...

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Mango thandai recipe, easy aam thandai

Mango thandai with simple ingredients and procedure. A yummy twist to the regular thandai, with the tropical fruit added for flavour in this thandai inspired drink. I got to know this simple thandai recipe from my friend and love it a lot. I saw this idea of mango thandai in a restaurant menu in Insta feed and wanted to try this mango season. This year, I haven’t purchased much mangoes as I did not frequent Indian groceries like I used to. Only a couple of dozens may be. Banganapalli and Alphonso, one dozen in each. So tried mango thandai...

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How to Make Your Friends Jealous of Your Nails

It’s been said that in the way a woman dresses, shoes are always the smallest detail that makes all the difference. The same thing can be said about nails for the general beauty. You can wear a perfect make-up and have the perfect hair, if your nails are not taken care of, surprisingly, this will be one of the first things to be noticed. On the other hand, even without a great outfit, exceptional beautiful nails will always attract admiration and positive jealousy from women and interest from men. The hands and nails are to be considered one of...

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How to Turn Day to Night Using Photoshop for Urban Landscapes

Have you ever wished you’d photographed something at night? You may not have had the time, knowledge, or gear to do it, but you still regret not getting that shot. In some cases you may be able to return at night and have another go. But if you can’t, you can quickly turn day to night with Photoshop. In this article I’ll show you how you to turn your daytime urban scene into a nighttime one using layers and masks. I’ll also give you a few tips on the details you should take care of for a more realistic...

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Fine Art Photography Exhibition Closing Gala

The opening Gala at Level Fine Art of From the Mountains to the Sea was a rousing success and we couldn’t have been happier with the turnout of media, friends and photography lovers. But it’s not over yet? Join us in Toronto for the closing gala onMay 24 from 5 – 9pm to celebrate the end of Dave’s exhibit and see his large-format prints. We want to invite you to come and celebrate not the end, but the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. This photography show is only the beginning of many more to come! RSVP HERE We...

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