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WordPress Installation Tutorial

Description: We need to make sure that we provide word press package the platform it needs in order to run smoothly. You need to check few things with your webhost before we proceed to installation. Things to check before installation: • PHP version 4.3 or greater • MySQL version 4.0 or greater • FTP access • The Apache mod_rewrite module You can ask your website hosting company about all the above requirements and if they don’t provide then you ideally need to choose another webhost. You will also need the FTP client to upload files. My favourite FTP cients...

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How To Capture Top Shots Of Historical Buildings

When we think of historical buildings we often think of castles and churches, but there’s much more to explore. Our towns and villages are brimming with architectural delights from banks to factories to inns and market halls, all waiting to be photographed outside and sometimes (if you’re lucky) inside. All you need is a little local knowledge.   What Gear Will I Need?  For general shots you will need a good wide-angle. Use a 70-300mm to zoom in on the intricate detailed wood carvings and stonework around the building. A powerful flash can be really useful to fill-in or...

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Puli sundal recipe, Puli arisi sundal

Puli sundal is prepared with parboiled rice, toor dal combo along with tamarind, very few ingredients. We have it for dinner or at times breakfast too. Learn how to make puli sundal a traditional recipe I learnt from my mom. I have earlier posted pacharisi sundal which is made with raw rice (pacharisi) and moong dal (payatham paruppu/ paasi paruppu). Pacharisi sundal is made mainly for breakfast and it is a burst of flavour with simple ingredient. Being mild in taste, it is apt for breakfast. While on the other hand puli sundal is made for dinner in our...

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Use A Facial Skincare Routine To Turn Back The Clock

It is never too late to begin looking younger and many people go to great extremes to do this. Surgery and outpatient treatments can be expensive and risky. There is a much cheaper and safer way to make skin look younger: take care of it. By following a good facial skincare routine, anyone can turn back the hands of time to look younger. There is no time like the present so read the tips below and begin today … skin will start looking great tomorrow. Cleansing is the foundation of any good skincare routine. There is no single "best"...

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Omotenashi: Japan is Welcoming for Solo Travelers

Tokyo at the height of the cherry blossom season. I arrived at the Tokyo Train Station to set out for Kyoto on my first full day in Japan. I entered, stopped and looked at the size of the station. I was mouthing, “oh boy, oh boy, oh boy” when, on my third “oh boy,” I was approached by an elderly man with limited English wanting to help. I showed him a piece of paper that said, in Japanese, that I was looking for the counter where I could exchange my Japan Rail Pass voucher for the actual pass. A woman at the hostel had kindly...

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