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Skin Care – How to Take Care of Facial Skin

The skin shows a person's self. It is a must that the skin is kept in excellent condition particularly the face, which is the first thing any person will notice in another. Keeping the face clear of any blemish is a must. For this you must cultivate a good skin care habit by using these daily: cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. Step one – Cleansing : Use cleansers to unclog pores and prevent acne. A cleanser is a product used for removing makeup, dead skin, dirt matter, and pollutants from the surface of the face. Cleansers come in varieties formulated...

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In Search of Wildlife and the Chinese Mountain Cat on the Tibetan Plateau

Margarita Steinhardt of The Wildlife Diaries takes us to the Tibetan Plateau in search of the elusive Chinese Mountain Cat and other fascinating wildlife.  In Search of Wildlife and the Chinese Mountain Cat on the Tibetan Plateau You will not find Ruoergai grassland on Google Maps. Nor will Ruoergai town – the capital of the county, come up in a search. Both the town and the grassland are completely lost in translation. To Google, the area is known by its traditional Tibetan name of Zoige, while Chinese road signs welcome you to Ruoergai at the end of a 10-hour...

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How to Use Ordinary Items to Make DIY Photo Filters

In photography, you can use filters in many ways to alter and/or enhance your images. But what if you don’t have any filters, or can’t afford the high prices to the top of the line ones? Time to rummage around the house for some things to make DIY photo filters! 8 DIY photo filters you can make at home In this first video from COOPH, see how you can use some everyday things you likely have around the house to make some fun and interesting DIY photo filters. Keep in mind that you may not get top-quality images or...

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MIYM Chicken – Cookies and Cups

MIYM Chicken is a family favorite! It’s my version of the classic Melt in Your Mouth Chicken recipe that your mom probably used to make! Simple, flavorful, and so tender…this is a great weeknight dinner recipe. I seriously can never have too many chicken recipes. We eat more chicken in our house than any other meat for sure, like my Balsamic Chicken, my Cheesy Artichoke Chicken, my Crescent Chicken…the list goes on and on. And real talk, chicken nuggets are basically the perfect food…soooo… This MIYM Chicken recipe is one of those classics that I am sure you’ve had...

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15 Herbal Beauty Tips For Healthy-Looking Skin

Healthy-looking skin is a desire that all we women suffer from! Such is our madness that we try every product that claims to give us glowing skin. We completely ignore the fact that glowing is an indication of our skin being healthy. And healthy skin is the only sure lasting way to have glowing skin. Packaged products work on our outward features alone and they chemically active which Is certainly not good on the long run. So, go herbal! The herbal beauty tips for healthy-looking skin products that you can make yourself using the stuff in your kitchen or...

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