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4 Remarkable Spots to Visit in Uruguay

As one of the lesser-spotted South American nations, Uruguay tends to suffer from a total lack of marketing and presentation. It’s a stunning country, though, and is known for its liberal attitude and ability to make mature decisions on things like drugs and healthcare. While Uruguay likely came to prominence for many people by recently taking a positive stance on the marijuana industry, it’s a country that has many unique and exciting things for you to do. If you fancy a trip to somewhere a little different, here are four must-see spots in Uruguay.   Four Must-See Spots in...

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Green Chile Potato Soup – Chef in Training

This Green Chile Potato Soup is creamy, rich and has a wonderful kick of flavor. The green chiles provide a slight kick of heat which is quickly cooled down with the creamy base and hearty potatoes. This will be a winter staple and a new family favorite. Soup Season is in full force at my house. I LOVE soup and lucky for me, so do my kids. Zupas is one of my absolute favorite places to eat. One of my current favorite soups on their menu is their green chile potato soup. Because I don’t live close to a...

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Winter Skin Care – Six Simple Steps

Everyone likes beautiful skin, do not they? Dry and chapped skin can be a thing of the past and can be avoided, if you follow a few simple steps. With winter on its way special skin care considerations are in order. Putting the moisture back in and keeping it there is of prime importance during the winter months. Keeping the moisture in your skin will reduce the harmful damage effects of the drying winter winds. Here are Six ways you can help keep your skin hydrated this winter: 1. Drink plenty of water. Hydrate your skin from the inside....

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How to Get Started With WordPress in 5 Easy Steps

1. Setup Your Hosting & Install WordPress The first step to getting your own WordPress blog online is to get your hosting setup and WordPress installed. Most website hosts offer an easy auto installer like Fantastico. Email your host to find out the easiest way to get setup under their particular server. They will probably either install it for you or point you to a good video tutorial you can follow. Or, just search YouTube for "how to install WordPress" and you'll find the step by step. 2. Check Your Settings Next you'll want to check all of your...

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26 Beautiful Horse Pictures

26 Beautiful Horse Pictures Horses and humans have an ancient relationship and these majestic mammals were essential to many human societies until the advent of the engine. Humans began to domesticate horses around 4000 BC, and their domestication is believed to have been widespread by 3000 BC. Horses have been integrated into many cultures around the world. Including being used in warfare, work, entertainment, sports and even therapeutic use. These are all possible due to their temperament and their ability to excel at simple learning. You can also check...

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